About us


To re-establish the Democratic Party in Cleburne County and elect democrats to every office.

 To revitilize the Democratic Party in Cleburne County and educate the public about the GOP.




 Return the Democratic Party to prominance in Cleburne County, Alabama.
 To support Democratic candidates for all elected and appointed offices, boards and  
 commissions in Cleburne County.

We believe

In social equality, equal opportunity and the use of government to pursue both.

In a safe, secure America, fair wages, universal healthcare, first-rate education systems accessible to all, and environmental policies that sustain the planet and human life.

That United States foreign policy must reflect the tenets of our Constitution, the goodness of our citizens and our irrevocable commitment to continuity of human existence.

That we must actively advocate and work for core democratic principles in every community of Cleburne County.

That the government and citizens of Cleburne County face increasing challenges in addressing homelessness, healthcare, environment, energy, housing, development and quality of life issues.

That activism and involvement in the political process are fundamental responsibilities of citizenship.