Hello!  Thank you for choosing to see how Clear Cut Academic Editing Services can help with your academic writing project.

Clear Cut Academic Editing Services provides copyediting and proofreading services for flow, grammar, punctuation, spelling consistency, capitalization, proper paragraphing, and adherence to APA and institutional style requirements on dissertations, master’s theses, graduate-level term papers,  journal articles, books, and textbooks. Clear Cut Academic Editing Services can also coordinate your in-text citations with your reference section to ensure they meet APA style standards. There is not a premium rate for English as a Second Language (ESL) graduate students. No job is too small! There is a minimum rate of $32 per project.

Clear Cut Academic Editing Services takes a positive approach with your paper by gently querying text that may be unclear through the Track Changes Menu in Word and asking that you please rewrite for clarity. Clear Cut Academic Editing Services will work with you to find ways to reduce copyediting costs.  Dissertation, thesis, and journal article writers are already under enough stress. You don't need any from your copyeditor/proofreader regarding extra charges. 

Please understand that Clear Cut Academic Editing Services does not rewrite or write sections, paragraphs, or sentences, and does not edit for content or substance. I also do not offer writing assistance.

To learn more about how the editing process works, rates, payments, testimonials, me, and how to contact me, please click on the sidebar selection on the left. 

Thank you!