CKM Aquatics Boosters

The purpose of the CKM Aquatics Boosters is to support the swim program through volunteerism and fundraising.  Competing priorities for limited school funds prevent the school from fully funding the swim program.  Schools cannot charge sports fees, so parents and families of swim students are encouraged to support the Swim Team in many ways.
In addition to lending support by attendance at meets, you may be asked to coordinate and participate in fundraisers. Examples may include: snack bars, car washes, dine out events, bake sales, and the like. The Swim Team also promotes team unity with the sale of t-shirts, sweatshirts, and other collateral items; and caps the season’s end with an awards banquet.
A large number of volunteers are needed to staff and run a swim meet.  We need volunteers to help as a timer, runner, score keeper, starter, snack bar helper, and swimmer ride coordinator.
Lastly, we need your voluntary donations to keep our swim program running. Funds raised go towards costs associated with entering meets, purchasing required meet equipment, replacing pool equipment not funded by the school (e.g., we need new lane line ropes), to name a few.
Supporting the Swim Team is one easy way to be involved at CKM. When the call for help goes out, please respond with an enthusiastic "YES!" 
To find out how you can help, contact Sara Culleton at