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  • For Competitive Athletes - Not Modified Attention All City Honors Crew Competitive Athletes: This morning, Miles, WSRC’s boathouse manager sent out an email requesting that you complete the US Rowing waiver under the WSRC athlete ...
    Posted Mar 21, 2014, 2:37 PM by City Honors Crew
  • Crew News: All Things Green First practices began this week at WSRC. For those who missed the lastemail, all varsity athletes should report to the boathouse at 5:30 A.M.tomorrow.  Freshman/Novice ...
    Posted Mar 7, 2014, 5:59 PM by City Honors Crew
  • Crew News 2-25-14 - Spring Training Begins!! The Ontario Ergometer Championship is this Saturday in Ridley. So there willnot be a Saturday practice held on 3-1-14. WSRC indoor training for Springwill begin on ...
    Posted Feb 26, 2014, 9:49 AM by City Honors Crew
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  • Coaches' Challenge 2 (3-30)
  • Coaches' Challenge 3 (TBD)
  • Pittsford Ergatta                                               (TBD)


    The following is a list of potential Spring Regattas.  A final list of confirmed regattas will be sent out once the spring season begins.  Not all athletes will participate in all regattas. Regattas which require boats to qualify and/or be petitioned into must be approved by Head Coach Kim Lonas prior to participation.  This approval will be sent via email to the athlete and the parents of those who qualify after all determining factors have been considered.

    May                           John Bennett Invitational                            WSRC Buffalo              1500m
    NYS Scholastic Rowing Championships  Saratoga Springs          1500m

    May                           Syracuse Chargers Junior Invitational      Syracuse, NY                1500m
    May                           SNRC High School Invitational Regatta     Welland, ON                  2000m
    May                           Scholastic Rowing Championships           Camden, NJ
    May                           Fontana All High Regatta                            WSRC Buffalo, NY        1500m
    June                          CSSRAs (CA champs)                                 St. Catherines, ON        
                             Youth Nationals                                           Oakridge, TN                  2000m

    For Competitive Athletes - Not Modified

    posted Mar 21, 2014, 2:37 PM by City Honors Crew

    Attention All City Honors Crew Competitive Athletes:


    This morning, Miles, WSRC’s boathouse manager sent out an email requesting that you complete the US Rowing waiver under the WSRC athlete code.  All City Honors Crew athletes must complete this waiver under the City Honors athlete code in order to compete for City Honors this spring.  When completing, please use athlete code:  GCXFE as was originally stated in a previous City Honors Crew email.


    Additionally, only the following athletes are currently registered on .  Please register your athlete today (instructions attached).  WSRC is strictly enforcing the registration policy and will begin spot checking practices.  Please save your young athlete the challenge of having to call home to be picked up early from practice!! Additionally, please do not send money in with your athlete.  All payments should go either to WSRC at One Rotary Row  Buffalo, NY 14201  or to City Honors Crew at 651 Delaware Avenue, Suite #222, Buffalo, NY 14202


    Athletes currently registered:


































































    Thank you in advance for getting this done.  We really appreciate it.


    As always, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call, text or email me.


    Coach Kim



    From: [] On Behalf Of Miles Schwartz
    Sent: Friday, March 21, 2014 10:39 AM
    To: undisclosed-recipients:
    Subject: USRowing Waivers




    This email is going out to all registered athletes and coaches. If you have athletes who are not registered then have them do so and complete the waiver. 


    Have your athletes sign their online USRowing waivers in two easy steps:

    1.     Visit

    2.    Enter the ATHLETE code: P7VCA

    NOTE:  When an athlete follows these steps, he/she is AUTOMATICALLY adding him/herself to the roster.



    Miles Schwartz

    West Side Rowing Club

    Directer of Boathouse Operations


    Crew News: All Things Green

    posted Mar 7, 2014, 5:59 PM by City Honors Crew

    First practices began this week at WSRC. For those who missed the last
    email, all varsity athletes should report to the boathouse at 5:30 A.M.
    tomorrow.  Freshman/Novice boys will practice this evening from 5:30
    P.M.-7:30 P.M. and again on Thursday.  Freshman/Novice girls had their first
    practice last night and will meet again this Wednesday from 5:30 PM-7:30PM.

    Modified Athletes have a pizza party this Thursday evening from 6:00 PM-8:00
    PM. Please bring $8 to cover the cost of pizza, wings and soda.

    The Shamrock Row is this Saturday, March 7th at the Old First Ward Community
    Center located at 62 Republic St, Buffalo, NY 14204 (716) 856-8613.  This is
    a much smaller ergatta, so registration will not be found on  There will be onsite registration from 8am-9am and the
    cost this year is $10 per athlete. Modified athletes will be registered by
    me.  All competitive athletes will register themselves. There is a t-shirt
    that will be given out at registration while supplies last.  The first event
    starts at 9a.m.  Unfortunately, there is not a schedule of events posted
    anywhere at this time. Last year the masters rowed first, but this is not
    guaranteed.  I recommend everyone who is participating be prepared to row at
    9a.m.  The event as a whole should not last past noon. 

    Coach's Challenge is this Sunday at WSRC beginning at 1PM.  Coach Josh,
    Coach Andy and I will be facilitating this event.  Please bring running
    shoes, water and lots of layers to keep you warm during the run.

    The St. Patrick's Day Parade will be held Sunday, March 16th . For those
    athletes new to our program, each year we participate in the St. Patrick's
    day parade with WSRC.  WSRC has a float that will include two boats
    competing - yes, athletes actually rowing!  It's a lot of fun for everyone
    who participates.  As we receive more details on the exact meeting location
    on the square and time to meet; we'll be sure to forward them. Be sure to
    dress warm and in green! (Flyer attached)


    Coach Kim

    Crew News 2-25-14 - Spring Training Begins!!

    posted Feb 26, 2014, 9:49 AM by City Honors Crew

    The Ontario Ergometer Championship is this Saturday in Ridley. So there will
    not be a Saturday practice held on 3-1-14. WSRC indoor training for Spring
    will begin on Monday or Tuesday of next week (schedule below).
    Additionally, there are more than a few items to update everyone on, so here
    we go:

    Indoor Rowing Competitions - Ergattas
    There is still plenty of time to get your ergattas in to qualify for spring.

    o    Ontario Ergometer Championships                  (Saturday 3-1)
    ($15 per athlete)
    o    2K
    o    BSRA Shamrock Row
    (Saturday 3-8)     ($5 per athlete-last year's price)
    o    2K
    o    CHC Coaches' Challenge                (Sunday 3-9)     ($15
    per athlete)
    o    Erg, Run, Erg, Bike
    o    WSRC at 1PM
    o    Pittsford Ergatta
    o    All day erg marathon 
    Spring Registration & Dues
    Spring registration is now open online at  Even if you
    do not plan on paying at this time, I ask that you please register so that
    we know who will be on the roster.  When it comes time to pay during the
    registration process, simply check pay by check.  When you are ready to make
    full payment, you can log back in and change your payment option.

    March 31, 2014    Early registration period ends at midnight. $400    
    April 1, 2014    Spring dues increase to $430    

    City Honors Crew payment deadline will be April 30th. 
    o    Fall/Spring rower $160/spring 2014 - If you rowed in the Fall, this
    is your fee
    o    Spring only rower $220/spring 2014 - If you did not row this past
    fall, this is your fee.
    o    All dues must be received in order for your athlete to compete in
    any regattas. Instructions attached.
    US Rowing Waivers
    There is an update to how athletes will sign their online waivers.  Please
    visit the following link and use code
    You will notice three major changes:
    The look and design of the WAIVER SIGNING portal has changed dramatically
    *    All athletes will be asked FOUR SAFETY QUESTIONS.  They will be
    different for each athlete.  There are no repercussions for missing any or
    all of the safety questions. These questions are educational only and give
    USRowing feedback on how our athletes understand safety within our sport.
    Even if you happen to miss ALL of the questions, you will still have signed
    the waiver successfully.
    *    Athletes may be asked to watch a USADA anti-doping video and
    complete the USRowing anti-doping acknowledgement if they indicate an
    interest in participating in a National Team Selection event.

    *    Can parents answer the four safety questions instead of my athletes?
                    o  Yes, but athletes should be present as
    the parents sign the online waiver so the athletes benefit from the learning
    *    What happens if a parent or athlete gets a question (or all
    questions) wrong?
                    o  Nothing. You will still be able to
    successfully sign the online waiver even if you miss all the questions.
    *    What is the purpose of the four safety questions?
                    o  The safety questions are a way for
    USRowing to promote safety in our sport and to gain a better understanding
    of how rowing safety is being communicated.
    *    How long is the USADA video?
                    o  The USADA video is 14 minutes long.
    Financial Assistance
    If you want to row but find it to be a financial challenge, PLEASE do not
    just decide not to participate.  There are two different programs set up to
    offset the cost of crew for CHS athletes.  It's a relatively simple
    application process, but there are timelines to meet and a form to complete.
    If you would like to apply, please email Miles
    and Kevin Keane  Please know that confidentiality is
    at the forefront of the process and it can all be handled via email. If you
    do not get a response email from either Miles or Kevin, please email again.
    You will receive an email. Due date for a completed request form is March
    15th .

    Uniform orders
    The BoatHouse store is now open.  Please order today as this will be the
    last chance to get your uniform for Spring racing!! This season we will be
    wearing the long sleeve technical shirt for our early races. If you don't
    have one, order today. Also, the next opportunity for ordering will not
    occur until next Fall. 

    We will be moving to a new spring schedule beginning Saturday March 1st.
    However, it will change once we are able to get on the water.  This cannot
    be avoided.  I just received confirmation this morning on the following

                    Varsity Men

    Monday - Friday    5:30 a.m. to 7:30 a.m.    
    Saturday    11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.    

                    Varsity Women
    Tuesday - Friday    5:30 a.m. to 7:30 a.m.    
    Saturday    11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.    

                    Novice Girls 
    Monday & Wednesday    5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.    
    Friday    5:30 a.m. to 7:30 a.m.    
    Saturday    1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.    

                    Novice Boys 

    Tuesday & Thursday    5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.    
    Friday    5:30 a.m. to 7:30 a.m.    
    Saturday    1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.    

    Tonawanda Creek
    This year we are anticipating things will be frozen for quite a bit longer
    than last years end of March clearing of the ice boom.  So we are
    considering rowing at Tonawanda Creek until the time we can get on BlackRock
    Canal.  Details are still being worked out with WSRC on schedules etc.  Once
    those details are finalized, our schedules will change in order to
    accommodate much needed water time.  We will try to give you as much notice
    as possible.  However, please plan that it will more than likely be short

    Team Meeting
    There will be parent meetings held in two parts on Saturday March 15th.

    *    11-1 will be the parent meeting for all varsity athletes and their
    *    1-3 will be a parent meeting for all freshman / novice athletes and
    their parents

    Athletes should still plan to work out as they will only need to be present
    for a portion of the meeting.

    Calling All Parents
    Interested in meeting other crew parents? Want to help your child's team but
    didn't know how?  We need your help!! There are few ways you can help the
    team.  You can help with food contribution to regattas, regatta setup/tear
    down or regatta tent duty to name a few.  All families will be asked to
    donate time to the team this season.  We will have sign-up sheet at our team
    meeting with more details.

    Spring Regatta Dates
    The following is a list of potential Spring Regattas.  A final list of
    confirmed regattas will be sent out once we receive it from WSRC.  Not all
    athletes will participate in all regattas. Regattas which require boats to
    qualify and/or be petitioned into must be approved by Head Coach Kim Lonas
    prior to participation.  This approval will be sent via email to the athlete
    and the parents of those who qualify after all determining factors have been

    May 4        John Bennett Invitational                                WSRC
    Buffalo                  1500m
    May 9-11        NYS Scholastic Rowing Championships
    Saratoga Springs, NY      1500m 
    May 17        Syracuse Chargers Junior Invitational
    Syracuse, NY                    1500m 
    May18-19        SNRC High School Invitational Regatta
    Welland, ON                    2000m
    May 24        Pittsford Regatta
    Pittsford, NY          1200m
    May 23-24        SRAA National Championship            West
    Windsor, NJ    1500m 
    May  26            Fontana All High Regatta
    WSRC Buffalo, NY          1500m
    June 6-8          CSSRAs (CA champs)                                    St.
    Catherines, ON            2000m
    June 13-15        Youth Nationals
    Gold River, CA        2000m

    Regatta Registration
    Although we asked for each athlete to individually register for upcoming
    indoor rowing events, you will not register any athlete for the above listed
    spring events.  Boat sign ups/line-ups will be submitted through the main
    City Honors Crew account.  If in doubt, please call me.

    Seat Racing Factors and boat line ups
    Since joining City Honors Crew, there hasn't been a season where I'm not
    been asked how boat line-ups are decided.  For those new to the process, I
    wanted to give you an idea of some of the factors that the coaching team
    will consider as we move into spring.
    o    Boat line-ups are not guaranteed and past line ups are just that -
    in the past.  So please do not assume the line ups from Fall will be the
    same this Spring.  
    o    Some factors considered and not necessarily in this order
    o    Seat Racing - What combination of athletes moves the boat from point
    A to point B the fastest
    o    2K scores 
    o    Technique
    o    Endurance
    o    Set of the boat 
    o    Height
    o    Weight
    o    Reach
    o    Port - Starboard preference
    o    Attendance
    o    Mental Toughness
    o    Boat chemistry

    As always, if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

    Go Centaurs!!

    Coach Kim

    And the Academy Award goes to...

    posted Feb 14, 2014, 1:19 PM by City Honors Crew


    Modified Parents & athletes,


    I’m sure by now you’ve heard about Coach Julia & my great acting skills.  At Thursday’s practice, our goal was to demonstrate examples of what not to do as the kid’s prepare for tomorrow’s ergatta.  Apparently we were very convincing in our roles of poor sportsmanship. Coach Julia demonstrated being a sore winner & I demonstrated being a sore loser (Yes, I even threw my boots.  LOL!). We were so convincing that so some of our young athletes tried to console me after Coach Julia crushed me in our erg demonstration. It was very sweet.


    Our goal was to explain how important it is to treat your competitors with respect and we asked the kids to adhere to the following tomorrow:

    1. If you place in the ergatta, save your happy dance/excitement for the car.  Unless you are carpooling, then save your happy dance until you get home.

    2. If you do not place in the ergatta, it’s okay to have strong feelings.  We just ask that you save your emotions for the car or until you get home. If you absolutely cannot; simply remove yourself from the competition room and find a more secluded area until you can pull yourself together.

    3. Enter the competition area calmly

    4. Shake hands and wish your competitors “Good Luck” even if you know them

    5. Do not talk during the race.

    6. Finish the race.


    Some additional reminders:

    1. CHC has already registered you for the event (unless you told us otherwise).

    2. Drink lots of water today

    3. Bring a water bottle for immediately after your race

    4. Wear your City Honors Crew t-shirts.  If you do not have one, wear your City Honors School t-shirt or the t-shirts you designed with coach Catherine.

    5. Your race is scheduled for 1pm, please plan to arrive at 12.  This will allow you time to see the competition set up upstairs, allow you to warm up and stretch prior to your race.

    6. We will begin our warm up in the erg room at 12:15

    7. Stroke rate during a race is totally in your control.  However, coach Julia and I want to make sure we reiterate that you not hurt yourselves.  At your age and current stage of development, extremely high stroke rates can be physically harmful.  We ask that you please focus on control & technique.

    8. Because you are new to the sport of rowing, your race will be 500 meters compared to the 2000 meters varsity will be rowing.  So parents, have your cameras ready - it will be fast!


    We are very excited about tomorrow and wish each and every one of you the best of luck!!


    GO Centaurs!


    Coach Kim

    3 ergattas required to compete in Spring - Crusader Erg Challenge - CHC Uniforms required

    posted Jan 31, 2014, 10:08 AM by City Honors Crew   [ updated Jan 31, 2014, 10:09 AM ]




    This weekend marks the beginning of ERGATTA season! The Crusader Erg Challenge is this Saturday, February 1st at 9a.m. & this Sunday, February 2nd   is the Canadian Indoor Rowing Championships.  For those who registered for the Crusader Challenge, I have attached a list of competitors in each of your events.  Please note, that some of our athletes were entered in the incorrect category.  I reached out to and had you moved to the more appropriate race.


    Most of City Honors Crew Coaches will be in attendance at the Crusader Erg Challenge. So there will be plenty of coaches to help you with the process.  Additionally, this ergatta would be a great opportunity for our coxswain to get one of their three required ergattas before spring. There is a coxswain dash if you chose, but we also have  21 CHC athletes competing who will need your motivation!


    Competing in a 2K rowing event is no easy feat and your scores will help your coaches in creating spring line-ups.  Since, for some, this is your first ergatta, there are a few things you should know:

    ·        You are representing City Honors Crew.  Please conduct yourself in the spirit of good sportsmanship.

    o   Speak to your competitors before the race, wish them luck etc. Remember, without them, there is no competition!

    o   Always shake hands with the rower on each side of you at the end of the race. Look them in the eyes, and congratulate them on a great race or good job.

    o   If you place and/or win, it will be exciting, but save screaming for when you get home.

    ·        You should wear your City Honors Crew tank and black compression shorts to compete.

    ·        Arrive early to allow for check-in.

    ·        They will have a set of ergs to use for warming up prior to your race.

    o   Leave enough time to warm up for 10 minutes on the erg and do a complete stretch prior to competing.

    ·        Sleep

    o   Get enough sleep the night before.

    ·        BRING A WATER BOTTLE. Dehydration will impede your performance.

    ·        Hydration begins today. 

    o   Do not wait until tomorrow morning to try and hydrate. 

    o   Drink plenty of water today and this evening. 

    o   Rowing a 2K dehydrated is NOT fun.

    ·        Don’t drink a gallon of water the morning of your race. Not only will chugging too much water before a race leave you feeling bloated, but it will also dilute your electrolytes.

    o   16 ounces of water two to three hours before the start, gives your body time to process extra fluid.

    ·        Eat a high carb meal tonight

    o   When you eat a bowl of spaghetti, most of the carbs are stored as glycogen in your muscles and liver. Glycogen is your body's most easily accessible form of energy.

    ·        Eat Breakfast two hours before your race.

    o   There’s nothing worse than doing a 2K with a full stomach – it’ll slow you down & very possibly cause you to throw up by the time it’s over

    ·        Bring a protein bar for after your race to help your muscles in their recovery.

    ·        Respect

    o   Respect your competitors by wishing them Good Luck before the race and shaking hands and congratulating them on a good race after it is over

    §   I listed it twice because it’s that important

    o   Respect your Parents, the Officials and Coaches by not talking when they are talking

    o   Respect yourself by giving 100% effort during the race

    ·        Just remember it is no more than 7-10 minutes of your life - push through and above all else … Finish!


    I saw most of our coaches last night and I can tell you that we are very excited for this weekend and wish you all the best of luck!!!




    Coach Kim



    Tonight's First Ward Practice

    posted Jan 29, 2014, 1:25 PM by City Honors Crew


    City Honors Crew always mirrors BPS closings.  Since BPS only canceled the middle school and requested all testing high school students attend school today, technically, we should have practice.  However, I also understand some athletes families are not in favor of driving in these very cold and windy conditions. 


    With that said, Coach Andy, Coach Mark and I have decided to make this evening’s practices optional.  Since all of our freshman are just days away from their first ergatta, we want to give them every opportunity to be prepared.  So, yes, there will be a coach at practice tonight.


    Freshman Boys                 5PM – 6PM         Old First Ward Community Center.

    Freshman Girls                  5:30PM – 7PM   LA Fitness


    If there are any athletes(Varsity or freshman) who have not been participating in winter training and would like to get a 2K baseline; please feel free to join the freshman boys tonight at the Old First Ward Community Center!


    Stay Warm!


    Coach Kim

    702-810-8961 cell


    Team Picture day & At school/home workouts

    posted Jan 20, 2014, 1:12 PM by City Honors Crew



    Team –


    This Friday (1-24), coach Catherine, we will be taking team pictures for the yearbook.  Please plan to meet in the atrium at 2:45pm.  Varsity & freshman athletes should wear their City Honors Crew tanks and modified should wear their official City Honors Crew t-shirts (not the ones we made, but the ones with the logo on them).  The entire process should only take about 20 minutes if everyone is on time.


    For those varsity & freshman athletes not currently participating in winter training, but will soon be concluding their winter sport, you have three options:


    1. You can join your team at LA Fitness during the month of February.  The cost will be $49 for just that month regardless of what day in February you begin (I checked on this).

    2. You can choose to wait until March 1st and join the team at WSRC.  March will be included in WSRC’s spring fees. If you choose this option, I have attached some workouts for you to do on your own at home or on the ergs at school.

    3. You can choose to wait until March 1st and join the team at WSRC.  But, you can also join the team at the Old 1st Ward community center to erg on any of the following times – just please check with the coach to make sure there will be an available erg.

      1. Tuesday 4-6pm with the modified group (bring headsets to listen to music – our modified athletes are a whole lot of fun & it gets pretty loud & crazy!!) (Contact Coaches Julia/Kim)

      2. Tuesday 6-8pm with the varsity boys’ team (Contact Coaches Eric/Josh)

      3. Wednesday 5-6pm with the freshman boys’ team (Contact Coach Kim)

      4. Thursday 4-6pm with the modified group (see note above because they’re even wilder on Thursday) (Contact Coaches Julia/Kim)

      5. Saturday 11-1pm with the varsity boys’ team (Contact Coaches Eric/Josh)

      6. Saturday 1-3pm with the freshman girls’ team (Contact Coaches Andy/Mark)


    For those athletes erging at the 1st Ward, we are still missing some of your forms (copy attached).  If you get to practice and don’t have it with you, blank forms can be found onsite at the 1st Ward. Please help your coaches out and let’s get these done. Thank you!!


    Finally, ergatta season (2k erg race) is fast approaching and deadlines for registration are around the corner. With the exception of our modified athletes, registration is the varsity & freshman athletes responsibility.  Please be sure to register, as ergatta participation is a requirement for any returning athlete this spring.


    As always, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to text, email or call me.


    Go Centaurs!


    Coach Kim


    Kimberly Lonas

    702-810-8961 cell


    SkyZone for ALL CHC athletes, Salsa for Centaurs & Payment Details

    posted Jan 17, 2014, 2:46 PM by City Honors Crew




    Just a few quick reminders for this weekend:


    1.    Our team building event at Skyzone is tomorrow.  This event is for all City Honors Crew athletes – modified, freshman & varsity.


    Skyzone is located at 425 Cayuga Rd, Cheektowaga, NY 14225.  Please plan to check in around 11:00.  Our jump is scheduled from 11:30 to 12:30 and they do not extend your jump time if you are late.  For those who have not been there before:

    a.    Please complete the attached waiver

                                              i.    Bring it with you:  SKyZone Waiver

                                            ii.    Or submit it electronically:  SKyZone Waiver Online

                                           iii.    Waivers must be completed by a guardian in order to jump

    b.    You can wear socks or rent shoes provided by the facility.  You cannot jump barefoot.

    c.    Cost will be $8 - $10 per athlete depending on how many athletes we have at check-in.

    d.    If you are not participating in winter training, but plan on participating in spring crew, we encourage you to join the team.  SkyZone is always a fun event for everyone!


    2.    Tonight is the fundraising event hosted by Coach Josh - Salsa for Centaurs.  Come learn to Salsa & have a fun night dancing. Flyer and FAQs attached.


    3.    Skyzone replaces all regularly scheduled practices on Saturday.


    4.    City Honors Crew coaches will no longer be accepting payments at practice.  We ask that if you have not yet paid your CHC winter dues, that you please pay online or via mail. Winter dues for CHC Varsity & Freshman athletes is $125.  Winter dues for modified athletes is $50. A list of those with a balance will be sent out next week.


    a.    To submit online:


                                              i.    Please go to CHC webpage with payment button

                                            ii.    Click on the donate button

                                           iii.    Submit your payment and list your athlete’s name and the season in the notes section.

    1.    i.e.:  Mark Church    modified winter payment


    b.    To submit via mail, please include your athletes name on the check and mail to:


    City Honors Crew

    651 Delaware Avenue


    Buffalo, NY 14202

    Attention: Kevin Keane


    As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to call, text or email me.


    Looking forward to a great weekend!


    Coach Kim



    Modified Ice Skating - change of location

    posted Jan 10, 2014, 12:12 PM by City Honors Crew


    Due to 90% chance of rain tomorrow, we have decided to move our modified team building event to the ice rink located at 156 Tacoma Ave, Buffalo, NY 14216.  They have a public skate from 5:30pm  – 6:30 pm.  Since this is an indoor facility, the rain will no longer be a factor.  Please plan to arrive early as skate rentals go fast. 


    Skating Fees are:


    Under 5


    Age 5 - 17


    Age 18+


    Skate Rental



    Sorry for the short notice!


    Coach Kim



    Crew Upcoming Events & Deadlines

    posted Jan 9, 2014, 2:39 AM by City Honors Crew   [ updated Jan 9, 2014, 2:43 AM ]


    CHC Winter Payment – Varsity & Freshman

    If you have not submitted payment for Winter Dues to City Honors Crew, please remit today. Winter dues for CHC is $125.  It can be paid online (the link is on the homepage of our website) or sent to:


    City Honors Crew, Inc.

    651 Delaware Avenue, #222

    Buffalo, NY 14202

    Attention:  Kevin Keane



    Modified practices begin 1/14/14

    • Location:  First Ward Community Center

      • 62 Republic St, Buffalo, NY 14204 

      • (716) 856-8613

    • Every Tuesday and Thursday

      • 4pm - 6pm.

    • January 14 through February 20th

    • Cost: $50 per athlete

    • Include participation in 2 ergattas with modified events

      • Shuffle Off to Buffalo @ WSRC  (2-15-14)

      • Shamrock Row @ Old 1st Ward         (Date to be announced)

    • Team Building Events

      • Ice Skating 1-11-14 from 4:30-6:30 at Rotary Rink, 20 Fountain Plaza. 

        • Skate Rental $2 for children $3 for adults

      • SkyZone 1-18-14 from 11:30-12:30

        • Cost is $8-$10 per athlete


          1st Ward Form

          There is a required form for anyone participating in winter training at the Old 1st Ward.  It is attached and titled, Youth Program Permission & Demographic.  Please bring it with you to your first practice.  It does require a parents signature.  This is for all athletes, modified, freshman and varsity.


          Salsa for Centaurs – 1-17-14

          Coach Josh will be hosting a Salsa Event on January 17th to benefit City Honors Crew! Please see the attached flyer for details.  If you have any questions on the event, please direct them to coach Josh at Thank you to Coach Josh for coordinating what is sure to be a super fun event for all our City Honors Crew Parents!


          LA Fitness Cancellation Date

          Please remember that cancellation for LA Fitness must be completed with thirty days’ notice. Since February only has 28 days, please be sure to submit your cancellation to Sheldon Shapiro before the end of January.  We will begin WSRC practice March 1st.



          We have a team event for all athletes on Saturday, January 18th at SkyZone.  This event will replace any scheduled practices for the day and will run be from 11:30-12:30.  Since we need to have a final count by 1-15-14, please text or email me whether or not you will be able to attend.


          Upcoming Ergatta Registration Deadlines


    • Crusader Erg Challenge         

      • Date:  2-1-14  

      • Cost:  $20

      • Start Time:  9AM

      • Deadline:  1/29/14      

      • Onsite Registration day of regatta for additional cost

      • Participating Freshman & Varsity athletes need to register online

      • No modified events

      • Location:  Canisius High School, 1180 Delaware Ave., Buffalo, NY


    • Canadian Indoor Rowing Championship

      • Date:  2-2-14

      • Cost:  $25

      • Start Time:  9AM

      • Deadline:  2/10/14

      • Late registration additional charges

      • Participating Freshman & Varsity athletes need to register online

      • This ergatta does have modified events for a cost of $10.  The age brackets are 8,9,10,11,12 & 13

      • Location:  Hershey Center, 5500 Rose Cherry Place, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada


    • Shuffle Off to Buffalo

      • Date:  2-15-14

      • Cost:  $10

      • Start Time:  9AM

      • Deadline:  2/10/14

      • Late registration additional charges

      • Participating Freshman & Varsity athletes need to register online

      • Modified athletes do not need to register for this event.  It will be done on your behalf.

      • Location:  WSRC


    • C.R.A.S.H. Bs

      • Date:  2-16-14

      • Cost:  $20

      • Start Time:  9AM

      • Deadline:  1/27/14

      • Participating Freshman & Varsity athletes need to register online

      • There are 4 minute youth events for 12 & 13 year olds.  However, this event is in Boston and not required for our modified athletes.

        • Any athlete younger than 12 is not permitted by the event to row.

      • Location:  Boston U. Agganis Arena, 925 Commonwealth Ave., Boston, MA


    • Shamrock Row

      • Date:  TBA

      • Cost:    TBA

      • Registration is onsite only

      • Participating Freshman & Varsity athletes will register upon arrival

      • Modified athletes do not need to register for this event.  It will be done on your behalf.

      • Location:  Old 1st Ward Community Center


        As always, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call, text or email me!


        Go Centaurs!


        Coach Kim


      • For referenced documents, please email


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