In Medieval times, a squire was a young man in training to become a knight. Squires learned through service, and, through their training, advanced toward the honorable goal of becoming a knight.

    Like the squires of old, Columbian Squires, through the Squire Advancement Program, will advance through various levels of training. The program has the goal of recognizing and rewarding each Squire for acquiring the skills and attitudes of Catholic leadership as he moves towards becoming a Knight.

    The program is structured with five levels of achievement, designed to guide a Squire through a process of learning and growth, while he masters certain activities and develops leadership skills. Each level requires a specific number of achievements in four categories: Home and Family; Squires and Knights; Community and Country; and Church.

    Each level is described to the right. (Page, Shield Bearer, Swordsman, Lancer, and Squire of the Body of Christ) Click on a certificate to learn about that level.