St. Monica Circle

The St. Monica Circle was founded and has been part of the Archconfraternity of Christian Mothers for over hundred years, and has been formed at St. Patrick Oratory by the Confraternity of Christian Mothers.  It is open to all men, women, girls, and boys in our Oratory.  Members pledge to offer at least one week-day Mass of their choice (need not be the same day each week) and their Holy Communion for “vocations in the Oratory,” reciting the two official prayers after the Mass for this intention.  These prayers are said privately by the individual, not as a group.  A missed Mass need not be made up.  We need spiritual vocations at least as much as we need good Christian families: the Church must grow spiritually and physically.  All are invited and urged to participate in this very efficacious spiritual work by becoming a member of the St. Monica Circle.  If inspired to follow this call, there is a sign-up sheet & prayers in the entrance of the chapel.  Any questions, contact the officers at