St. Gerard Committee

The St. Gerard Committee is a group of volunteer mothers that was set up by the Archconfraternity of Christian Mothers to help any mother in need. Sustained by God’s grace and the sacrament of matrimony mothers sacrifice and endure much for their families. All have their ups and downs in life. The St. Gerard Committee is meant to help mothers through those down times. 

Our main goal is to help where a mother needs or wants help. This may be that a mother had a new baby and needs meals, or help in the home in some way after the birth of a new baby. Or maybe a mother is struggling with all there is to do and just needs assistance at home. It also may be that a mother and family are struggling financially and just needs a little help with food or clothes. These are just some examples of how the St. Gerard Committee can help. 

This is a wonderful opportunity for all of us to care for our neighbors. If you know of a mother/family that may need or want assistance, or you as a mother need the help, please contact Laura, email her at or

Here are the suggested Food Handling Guidelines 

General Meal Guidelines

 1.      Food Safety is important because it’s likely the food will not be eaten immediately:

a.      Clean:        Wash hands and surfaces often.

b.      Separate:   Don’t cross-contaminate. (like sharing utensils between raw and cooked meat)

c.       Cook:         Cook to proper temperatures.

d.      Chill:          Refrigerate promptly. Freeze if possible, especially in warm weather so food does not spoil in transit.

 2.      Try to make a recipe that is yummy but unique. 

a.      You may also tell the Coordinator what you are bringing. This creates less of a chance that the family will receive several versions of the same meal. 

 3.      Label the food so it will be easy to prepare:

a.      Include any necessary cooking/preparation instruction with your items.

b.      Label the meal with the date that it was made.

c.       Write your name on the container (if you wish to have it back). Another convenient idea is to use disposable containers that do not need to be returned.

d.      Try to make sure the meal size is appropriate for the number of persons in the household. 

 4.   How to deliver meals and return containers:

a.      If meals cannot be given directly to the family at St. Joseph’s Chapel, the Coordinator may ask for a volunteer who lives near the new mother (or person in need) to pick up the meals at the Chapel and deliver them. 

b.      If containers need to be returned, it’s best to hand the empty containers directly to their owners.

c.       To make sure meals or empty containers are not lost, they can NOT be left in the vestibule of the chapel. 

Other Ideas besides Making a Meal:

 If you don’t have time to cook something, but still wish to help, you might consider buying items such as:

1.      Fruit or vegetable trays

2.      Hot dogs, buns, can of baked beans

3.      Lunch meat and loaves of French bread

4.      Assorted cheeses, crackers, bottle of wine

5.      Desserts

6.      Gift cards to a restaurant

May God reward you and your efforts in this Corporal Work of Mercy! 

Note:  If you are aware of a person who is pregnant, or of someone else who needs meals/help, please mention it to the Coordinator or an officer. Thank you!