*    PLENARY INDULGENCES
(The following letter explains why there has been a change regarding the indulgenced feast days.)

     The Sacred Apostolic Penitentiary, Rome, Italy.
Most Holy Father:
     The spiritual director of the Archconfraternity of Christian Mothers, established in Saint Augustine Church of the Order of Friars Minor Capuchin, of the episcopal city of Pittsburgh, humbly asks that, according to the norm of the Apostolic Constitution "The Doctrine and Practice of Indulgences" of January 1, 1967, n. 14, the Indulgences granted by the Holy See to the aforesaid Archconfraternity be reviewed.

               January 17, 1968
     The Sacred Penitentiary, by special and express Apostolic Authority, graciously grants a plenary indulgence to be gained by the aforesaid members, provided they fulfill the usual conditions (confession, communion and prayer for the intention of the Holy Father) and make or renew, at least privately, their promise faithfully to observe the rules of the association.

1.  On the day of solemn reception.

2.  On the feasts of:
      a)  Holy Family -- Sunday after Epiphany (Sunday within the Octave of the Nativity)
      b)  Annunciation -- March 25
      c)  Queenship of Mary -- May 31 (August 22)
      d)  Our Lady of Sorrows -- September 15
      e)  St. Gerard Majella -- October 16
      f)  Christ the King -- Last Sunday after Pentecost
      g)  St. Elizabeth -- Mother of St. John the Baptist -- November 5

              *    PARTIAL INDULGENCES
a)  On four days appointed by the Director.  Conditions: 
      Prayer according to the intentions of the Holy Father.
b)  As often as members are present at the Conference lectures.
c)  For the recitation with a contrite heart of the Christian Mother's Daily Prayer for the Children.
d)  For every good work performed according to the object and rules of the Confraternity or in its behalf.

*    Can be found in the red Conference Booklet on pages 9-10.