General Statutes

                          Principal Rules and Regulations
         (Subject to approval and change of the Father Director of each Confraternity)

  1. Any good, practicing Catholic woman, married or widowed, though she has no children, may be admitted, provided she seriously intends to promote the aims of the Confraternity, especially that of the Christian home education of children, and to comply with its statues.  (Unmarried and non-Catholic married women may be associate members.)
  2. Such as wish to be enrolled must be admitted by the Director, or his lawful representative, who will enter their Christian and family names in the register of the parish Confraternity.  (Directors and officers of the Confraternity of Christian Mothers are strongly urged to keep accurate listings of the women who are received.)
  3. Members must be extremely solicitous to educate their children according to the principles of the Gospel.  (We urge mothers to read and study how to train their children.)
  4. Every day they should recite the Daily Prayer for the Children to the Patrons of the Confraternity.  (Found on p. 13 in red Conference Booklet, or on the "home page" of this website.)
  5. They should cherish a special love for one another; every month they should offer Holy Communion for the associates, or if this cannot conveniently be done, they should attend Holy Mass, receive Holy Communion spiritually, and offer them up for the same intention.  They should also in other ways, as opportunities present themselves, assist one another, especially the elderly.
  6. Several times a year, and wherever feasible every month, the  members should assemble on the day and at the hour appointed by the Director, to listen to a conference adapted to the end of the Confraternity, and to offer up prayers for their children and families.  (The meeting should help the members spiritually, intellectually and socially.  Invite Dads to some meetings.)
  7. On the day of meeting, Holy Mass should be said for the intentions of the associates, at which all who can should receive Holy Communion. 
  8. Twice a year, in addition to the regular monthly Communion, a general Communion should be held on the principal feast of the Confraternity and on such other day as the Director will appoint.
  9. The Director of the Confraternity is the one named by the Bishop.  The Director will appoint officers or permit an election for a term designated by him.  He will approve all by-laws, rules and projects.
  10. The officials of the Confraternity shall give an edifying example to all the associates; they shall see that the members attend the meetings and conduct themselves in a manner becoming a Christian mother.  They shall visit and comfort the sick, and support them as much as lies in their power, being especially solicitous about a happy death.
  11. When an associate has departed this life, prayers and good works shall immediately be offered up by the associates, and as soon as possible a Holy Mass should be said.  All who are able to do so should be present at the funeral services.  Within the seven days following All Souls' Day a Holy Mass should be offered for all the departed members.
  12. The deceased members and their children are recommended to the hearts of and prayers and merits of the associates.

Annual Dues "A paid-up member in good standing is entitled to share in Masses said for living members and to a Requiem Mass at death."$5.00 per year.