Confraternity of Christian Mothers ~ St. Patrick's Oratory

Under the Patronage of Our Lady of Sorrows
 Pope Pius IX - "Give me truly Christian mothers, and I will renew the face of the earth!"

   O Mary, Immaculate Virgin and Sorrowful Mother, commend our beloved children to the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, Who refuses nothing to His Mother.
 Holy Guardian Angels,      Pray for them.
 St. Joseph, powerful patron,  Pray for them.
 St. John, beloved disciple of the Heart of Jesus,  Pray for them.
 St. Augustine,  Pray for them.
 St. Anthony,  Pray for them.
 St. Aloysius,  Pray for them.
 St. Anne, Mother of Mary,  Pray for them.
 St. Elizabeth,  Pray for them.
 St. Monica,  Pray for them.
Quote from Pope John Paul II:  "As the family goes, so goes the nation and so goes the whole world in which we live."

Quote from Pope Benedict XVI:  The Pope reminded the crowd gathered in the courtyard of his summer residence about the power of common prayer.  "Individual prayer is certainly indispensable," he said, "but the Lord gives assurances of His presence in communities which-even if they are very small-remain united and speak with one voice."

Quote from Pope Pius XI in his Encyclical on the Christian Education of Youth:

"Disorderly inclinations must be corrected, good tendencies encouraged and regulated from tender childhood, and, above all, the mind must be enlightened and the will strengthened by supernatural truth and by the means of grace, without which it is impossible to control evil impulses, impossible to attain the full and complete perfection of education intended by the Church, which Christ has endowed so richly with divine doctrine and with the Sacraments, the efficacious means of grace."


    "The Confraternity of Christian Mothers appeals to the family, and especially to the mothers.  These, above all, it desires to sanctify by frequent and regular prayers in common with thousands of their own condition and vocation, by talks and discussions, by the frequentation of the Sacraments, by the edifying example of the other members; they shall learn to walk in the sight of God; like the sanctuary lamps before the altars, they, in the hallowed precincts of the home, shall cast bright rays upon the families; they shall sacrifice and consume themselves, as it were, in holy flames in the service of God for the welfare and salvation of their families."  "Mother Love"


     "Between women and God is often arranged the eternal salvation of husbands and sons. But for this she must be the valiant woman-strong to uphold purity, strong to keep inviolate the treasure of faith, strong in every battle of life; great-souled in the face of calumny, persecution and death...and remember, sorrow is the training ground of strong souls..."
{taken from a letter of Saint Madeleine Sophie Barat}


Father A. A. Lambing wrote ~
     "The mother's influence is felt for all time and for eternity, and that influence is exercised from the very cradle.  It will almost invariably be found that a good man or woman has had a good mother, a fact that some mothers themselves do not duly appreciate.
     "After the priest of God there is  no one who exercises so wholesome an influence in religion and in the world as the truly Christian mother.  And at what disadvantage will not the priest himself, though the anointed minister of God and the dispenser of His mysteries, labor if the way is not prepared for him by the Christian mother!  We may safely assert that the destinies of the individual, of society, of the Church and the State are in the hands of the mothers more than they are in those of anyone else.  Neglect them, or permit them to neglect themselves, and all others who labor for the good of religion and society will do so at immense disadvantages, and will meet at best with but partial success.
     "The example and influence of the Christian father is of incalculable value; but it does not begin to be felt to any considerable extent till the formation of the character and habits of the child has made considerable progress; and besides, the father is not with the little ones too much during the precious years of childhood.  It is his vocation and his duty to earn a livelihood for them, and this usually takes him away from home.  But the very same law requires the mother to be with them, and at the same time affords her every opportunity of moulding their character and habits.  What the guardian angel is to the child in its relation to the invisible world, that the mother is to it in its relation to the world around it.
     "It must, then, be repeated: the destinies of the Church and the world are in the hands of Christian mothers more than they are or can be in the hands of any other person or class of persons.
     "For this reason the establishment of the Society of Christian Mothers in every congregation in the land is earnestly to be desired."