Instruction, Practice and Games for Math 7 SOLs

This site is developed and maintained by the 7th grade math teachers at Colonial Heights Middle School. Its purpose is to provide links to instruction, practice, and games related to all of the VA Math 7 SOL's (2009 version).  Available to anyone with Internet access, this site can be used by students in school and at home for assistance with homework, practice, and review.  While the SOL's are listed in numeric order, notice that we cover this material in a different order (see the column labeled "when do we first cover this").  The "Year at a Glance" page lists the SOL's in the order we teach them with our planned schedule. This site is a "work in progress", begun in the summer of 2011.  Please contact Mrs. Dortch with questions or comments:
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Number & Number Sense; Computation & Estimation:
7.1 The student will:                                                                                                                                                                        When we first cover this:
    c) compare and order fractions, decimals, percents, and numbers written in scientific notation;
    d) detgermine square roots;
    e)identify and describe absolute value for rational numbers.                                                                                                         1st 9 weeks           
7.2 The student will:
     describe and represent arithmetic and geometric sequences, using variable expressions.
7.3 The student will:
     a) model addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of integers;
     b) add, subtract, multiply, and divide integers.
7.4 The student will:
     solve single-step and multistep practical problems using proportional reasoning.
Measurement; Geometry:
7.5 The student will:                                                                                                                                             
     a) describe volume and surface area of cylinders;                                                                                       
     b) solve practical problems involving the volume and surface area of                                                       
     rectangular prisms and cylinders;                                                                                                                   
7.6 The student will:
     determine whether plane figures - quadrilaterals and triangles - are similar and
     write proportions to express the relationship between corresponding sides of similar figures.
7.7 The student will:                                                                                                                                                  
7.8 The student, given a polygon in the coordinate plane, will:                                                                            
Probability and Statistics; Patterns, Functions and Algebra:
7.9 The student will:
     investigate and describe the difference between the experimental probability and the theoretical probability of an event.
7.10 The student will:
     determine the probability of compound events, using the Fundamental (Basic) Counting Principal.
7.11 The student, given data for a practical situation, will:
     a) construct and analyze histograms;
     b) compare and contrast histograms with other types of graphs presenting information from the same data set.
7.12 The student will:
     represent relationships with tables, graphs, rules, and words.
7.13 The student will:
     a) write verbal expressions as algebraic expressions and sentences as equations and vice versa;
     b) evaluate algebraic expressions for given replacement values of the variables.
7.14 The student will:
     a) solve one- and two-step linear equations in one variable;
     b) solve practical problems requiring the solution of one- and two-step linear equations.
7.15 The student will:
     a) solve one-step inequalities in one variable;
     b) graph solutions to inequalities on the number line.
7.16 The student will apply the following properties of operations and real numbers:
     a) the commutative and associative properties for addition and multiplication;
     b) the distributive property;
     c) the additive and mulitplicative identity properties;
     d) the additive and multiplicative inverse properties;
     e) the multiplicative property of zero.