Price Schedule

  1. Fencing lessons pay for the club and the purchase and maintenance of the fencing equipment.

Beginning Fencers: 250 baht per lesson - usually 3 lessons per week is the best possible course but 1 time per week is ok.


Monthly rate: 1000 baht. - Minimum of 1 lesson per week.

Experienced Fencers: 100 baht per day. This is for any experienced fencers to play for fun.

Gear Rental: 10 baht per item, per day.

Individual Lessons: 500 baht per hour. - Not in a group setting - contact Pen for private lessons or lessons in group setting for children.

Pennapa Pachanam Cannon is the legal owner and operator of Chiang Mai Fencing Club and is the only person authorized to collect any fee. If you have any questions, please call her at 087-325-5476.