How To Write A Review

Reviews can be added to the library  (database of library resources).  Choose Cherry Valley and log-in (upper right hand corner of the screen.) If you can't log on, let Mrs. Teachout know. Find the book you'd like to review.

Writing the Fiction Review:

Give a summary (who, what, where, when, and why) using no more than 7 sentences. In a review, your opinion is very important. The people reading the review want to know why you liked the book or didn't like it. Be specific.  "I worried about Aubrey and her mother all the way through. I can't tell you whether they reunited at the end of the book. I can tell you I cried."  Doesn't that make you want to read the book? Look at the reviews at and see which reviews you like. Don't copy them but use some of the ideas to help you write a review.
5 reviews of High Tea Books will be required for an invitation to the Literary High Tea in 2014!~


Writing the Non-Fiction Review:

  • Read the nonfiction book you will review. While you are reading, use notecards to take notes on specific aspects of the book, such as things you learned and things you question as being accurate. 
  • Arrange your notecards in front of you sorted by the topics you want to discuss in your book review.

  • Write the title of the book you will be reviewing, the author's name, the name of the publisher and the date the book came out, if you are discussing timely material, in the opening section of your review.

    • Include a brief description about the book .

    • If you think this book has outdated information let your readers know.
    • Point out things you like in the book or don't like.
    • Do non-fiction text features like captions, table of contents, labels, glossary help you find information?
  • Recommend, or do not recommend, the book in your concluding statement. If there are other books on the topic that you enjoyed more, mention those in relation to the book you are reviewing.

  • The purpose of your review is to let people know if it is a useful book.