Museum Experience Project

I've loved going to museums my whole life, but this fall I got to see a new side of them. Through my Introduction to Museum Studies course, I learned how and why the institutions I've visited are so successful and engaging. I explored what museums actually are, how they work as systems, what their collections mean, how they create exhibits, what fundraising looks like, how they engage audiences, and more! I feel like I have always had a critical eye for museum exhibits, but now I have some theory and fact to support my opinions and a deeper understanding for the complicatedness of the museum field.

This information was especially applicable for me since I want to work in museums someday soon. I'm pursuing a degree in chemistry and a certificate in museum studies to become a conservator! In this role, I'll be working mainly behind the scenes, so it's important for me to know how museums operate within. However, it's also important for me to consider how my job will fit into the bigger puzzle. Conservators are a key part of museums' public outreach and educational components. I cannot wait to work in such a vibrant setting that will allow me to share my passions with others every day.

Please explore the links at left to see what my semester entailed!

Renovation Diagram for the Eisenhower Presidential Library; Abilene, KS
Statue of Athena at the Parthenon; Nashville, TN
The Sandlot Exhibit at the Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory; Louisville, KY