Using the Library

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I get a library card?
In order to obtain a library card, you must present a valid photo I.D. with your current address, or a photo I.D. and two (2) pieces of mail with your current address.*Parents must also provide this information when applying for a library card for your child(ren).
What is the minimum age for my child to have a library card?Any child aged three (3) years or older is eligible for a library card. Only a parent or legal guardian can obtain a library card for children under the age of seventeen (17) years.
How many items can I check out at a time?
The first time you use your library card, you may check out up to three (3) books and/or one (1) movie.After the first time you have used your card, you may check out up to ten (10) books per person, twenty (20) books per family, and three (3) movies for adults. *Children under seventeen (17) are not permitted to check out movies. *You must be eighteen (18) years or older to check out a WiFi Hotspot.
When I check out items from the library, how long is the borrowing period?
Books and/or Audiobooks may be checked out for a period of three (3) weeks and are renewable once.VHS/DVD's may be checked out for a period of one (1) week and are non-renewable.WiFi Hotspots may be checked out for one week, and are non-renewable. *All items must be returned in the condition they were borrowed.
What if I am looking for a book or audio and it is not available at this library?
As long as you are a resident of Cheatham County, and you have had your library card for at least six (6) months, we can request the item(s) from another library on your behalf. This is done through our Interlibrary Loan or "ILL" Program. The checkout period allowed by this program is two (2) weeks, and items may be renewed once. *ILL materials must be returned in the condition they were borrowed.
If I do not return the items I have checked out before the due date, will I be charged overdue fines?
There is a 15 cent ($0.15) charge per item per day that will be assessed for all unreturned materials. For your convenience, book renewals may be done over the phone. Just simply call the library during normal business hours on or before the due date.**HotSpots:There is a one dollar ($1.00) charge for each day that will be assessed for unreturned WiFi Hotspots. The devices will be deactivated after two days of being overdue.
What happens if I have lost/damaged an item/items that I have checked out?
Lost or damaged items will incur a replacement cost to be paid by the patron. In some instances, the patron may purchase a duplicate of the lost/damaged item and give it to the library for replacement. Internet/Computer Use Policy:
A library card or current/positive photo I.D. must be presented in order to use one of our public computers.For your convenience, we offer free wireless internet access.No child under the age of seventeen (17) will be permitted to use the computers without parental supervision.Viewing of inappropriate content on public computers is NOT permitted under any circumstances.
Children's Policy:
All children under the age of fourteen (14) years must be accompanied by a parent. Basics about policies: circ period, etc. Policies: Internet, Computer Use, Unattended Children, etc.