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Charleston Area Beekeepers Association, Inc.  (CABA) is a completely volunteer organization comprised of members mainly from (but not limited to) the general vicinity around Charleston, South Carolina, USA. Members are beekeepers, researchers, and people who enjoy beekeeping as a hobby or simply wish to promote bees and beekeeping to benefit our local and global economy, educate our youth, and improve our overall health and wellness. We support the South Carolina Beekeepers Association (SCBA) which hosts meetings, educational conferences, and funds beekeeping research to identify best practices for beekeeping.

Through our participation in CABA organization, we shall strive to:

  • encourage, practice, and promote safe and healthy beekeeping methods among beekeepers in our area and state
  • do community outreach, encourage youth involvement, and participate in activities with the goal of increasing our members' and the general public's knowledge related to honey bees, beekeeping, and healthy, sustainable practices

  • promote cooperation and a common understanding regarding our problems and their solution

  • maintain friendly and helpful relations with those entities which are working to better the beekeeping industry and health of pollinatorsF

  • develop markets for beekeeping products

  • foster closer association and camaraderie to facilitate teaching, learning, and sharing of information

Our Mission

To engage in responsible practices that benefit honeybees, provide community outreach and education, encourage youth involvement, and to support health and sustainability in our community and the environment of coastal South Carolina.



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