Objects of the Organization

When, the Poverty is being raised day by day, the Earth environment getting anger to her children for their untruthfulness and the human are increasing cruelty by killing the morality, this is the point of thinking-the ‘HOSAIN IT SOCIETY’ has found out a gap of Community Skill. The poor people always think only for their living but they do not know how the living depends on, they do not know how to use their skill to develop them and build up a great career. The time always changes its track; so we should to keep our thinking and living up to date. The ‘HOSAIN IT SOCIETY’ has been formed by the purposes to develop the skill of the peoples through the local community. The program ‘Community Skill Development’ pours the organization towards its rewards and it describes that socialization of peoples with the thinking about Lives, Children, Environment, Weather Effects, Global ambiance, Human Lives Controlling, Switching of Civilization, Aspect Civilizing, Education and Children Philosophy and Admitting Human Networking.

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