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Meet the Year 7 Team

Dear Year 7s,

We’re really excited and happy to welcome you to Chaffey. We hope that over the orientation days that you enjoy yourself, learn about our school and begin to make new friends and feel excited about starting with us in 2014.

We’d like to take this opportunity to explain our role to you. Our job is to make sure that each student is safe, happy and prepared for class and school. This means that it is our responsibility to help in this way before the year starts and through the year. We are always here for any student who needs help in or out of class.

At Chaffey Year 7 is a crucial year. It is during this year that we try to make sure that everyone is organised, prepared, supported, ready to work in teams and well aware of school expectations. More importantly it’s the year we help you settle in and feel happy and enthusiastic about belonging to our community. We try to make sure that you feel connected to your home group and prepared to succeed over your four years at our school

If you have any questions or concerns please email us and we’ll get back to you.

With thanks
The Year 7 Team

About Year 7 Team Teachers

Mrs Tara Hamilton - Year Level Coordinator (

I have been teaching Year 7 home groups for the past two years and have enjoyed seeing students try new subjects and make new friends. I am excited to experience being a Year 7 co-ordinator and meet all of Chaffey’s new year 7 students. Next year I will be teaching Art to years 7-10. I love teaching Art, especially stencil art and painting. Year 7 excursions are always a highlight, especially the ones to Monash and Kings Billabong. I like to go fishing with my two dogs and taking them down to Apex. Enjoy your Chaffey orientation, I look forward to sharing your successes with you in 2014!

Mrs Gonul San-Cayli - Year Level Coordinator (

I have been a teacher since 2008 and Chaffey is the second school I have taught at. For the last two years at Chaffey I have been in the year 7 team and I have luckily had two wonderful year 7 home groups. In 2014, I will be the Year 7 Coordinator. I have had this job before but at a different school. I teach English, Psychology and Humanities. I really look forward to things in Year 7 like the Year 7 Mini Olympics, Kings Billabong and the odd flash mob. I really love to travel and tried to fit as much as I can in on the holidays at the end of the year I will going to Los Angeles, Las Vegas and New York. After that I will be going to Turkey, my background is Turkish so I can't wait to go back and eat everything I possibly can. I’m really excited about meeting all the new members of our Chaffey community on orientation day. Take care and see you soon.

Mr Neil Dorney - 7A home group teacher (

I am a graduate teacher having just completed a Master of Secondary Teaching at the University of Melbourne. I have previously studied subjects as varied as English, History, Philosophy and Politics. As well as being the 7A Home group teacher, I will also be teaching Humanities and English. I am particularly excited to be teaching year 7 Ancient History because of my love for the subject. I enjoy travel having been lucky enough to visit much of Europe, the Middle East and Asia . The highlights have been; seeing the Pyramids in Egypt, The Colosseum in Rome, the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul and travelling on the Trans Mongolian Railway from Beijing to St Petersburg. Teaching at Chaffey College will be my next big adventure and I look forward to meeting you all very soon.

Mrs Jenny Mclean - 7B home group teacher (

Welcome future year 7s. I have been teaching at Chaffey Secondary College for the past 7 years. The last 2 years I have been mainly teaching year 7 students. I’m very excited to be again teaching in the year 7 program. Other staff members and I have been working on some pretty amazing programs for year 7 students in 2014 which include a camp, several excursions and some pretty  cool activities in the classroom.  Outside of school I enjoy many things including traveling and most forms of sport/exercising.  I particularly enjoy Aussie rules football and netball – Carlton is a pretty cool team – don’t you think? I look forward to meeting each of you in the near future.

Miss Sarah Macleod - 7C home group teacher (

I am a recent graduate from Deakin University, with an Arts Degree and a Diploma in Education. I am so excited to be a part of your transition to high school as it will also be a big transition for me as I move up from Melbourne, can you believe I have never seen the Murray River? I love to travel and explore the world, having been to Europe and America. I am even planning a trip to German and Poland. However, when I can't explore a new world I love getting lost in a great book or researching a country and their rich history. I am looking forward to meeting you all and start working together.

Mrs Tracy Hopfner - 7D home group teacher (

This is my second time teaching as part of the year 7 team and I am really excited to be part of the team again. I have been a teaching at Chaffey since the start of 2009. I teach Humanities subjects from years 7-10, English and English as a Second Language. I love music, pizza, chocolate ice-cream (actually any chocolate really!!), water skiing and spending time with my 2 children. I am looking forward to meeting you all on orientation day and I'm looking forward to a fun and productive 2014!

Miss Helen Gould - 7E home group teacher (

Hi future year 7s.

Like you, I will be new to Chaffey Secondary College in 2014 and I’m really excited! I have been a teacher since 2010 and Chaffey Secondary College will be my second school. I will be teaching science, maths and humanities and I enjoy teaching these subjects immensely. I love marine biology, zoology, psychology and forensic science. Out of school I like to go travelling, exercise/play and watch sport, see friends, go camping and to the beach, learn Chinese and listen to music. I am really looking forward to starting at Chaffey and seeing you all soon.

Mr Robby Stevens - 7F home group teacher (

I have also been teaching Year 7 home groups for the past two years. I am really looking forward to teaching a new bunch of year 7 students in 2014. Next year I hope that we can find the time to fit in a lot of learning but also a lot of fun. Most of my time at Chaffey is spent teaching Mathematics. I really enjoy helping year 7 students learn Mathematics the most. Other subjects I teach are History, Geography and Economics. Highlights for me over my time teaching year 7 students have definitely been the excursions. I can't wait to go on the year 7 camp with you all in Term 3 next year. Start saving your pennies now... When I'm not in front of students I enjoy hanging out with my friends on the weekend and skiing when its warm enough. Camping is definitely on the to do list this school holidays. I also really love visiting overseas countries. Scuba diving is amazing! See you all on orientation day and next year!