Year 7

Message from the Year Level Coordinators

Hi Everyone,

We’re really excited to meet you all next year. We welcome you to our school, and can not wait for your official arrival at Chaffey Secondary College. We hope that over the orientation days you enjoyed yourself, learnt about our school, began to make new friends and felt excited about starting with us in 2014.

We’d like to take this opportunity to explain our role as Year Level Co-ordinators. Our job is to make sure that each student is safe, happy and engaged in school. Throughout the year we will monitor individual students' progress and behaviours. We will actively communicate relative information between students, staff and parents/guardians to facilitate student success. Our goal is to ensure students are truly engaging in and attending school. As part of our role we will analyse student data and implement safety plans, as well as individual learning plans when necessary.

We understand that transition into high school can be a nerve racking time for students and parents a like. High school can have both highs and lows at different times. We intend to celebrate the highs of achievement and success and also work through the lows, together with parents and carers. We strive to make the student management process as fair and reassuring as possible. We will endeavour to support your child with any issues that may arise. Chaffey's Classroom Expectations are the norms and foundation the Year 7 learning neighbourhood is directed by and managed upon.

If you have any concerns in regards to your child’s wellbeing throughout the year; we encourage you to contact us at the school on (03) 5023 0538. To all the year 7 students of 2014; we look forward to making sure you feel connected to your peers and learning throughout your education experience at Chaffey Secondary College.

Tara Hamilton and Gonul San-Cayli
Year Level Coordinators

Message from the Year 7 Neighborhood Leader

Hello future year 7 students,

My name is Rob Stevens and I have been working at Chaffey Secondary College for three years now. I’m very excited to start my fourth year with you in 2014. I have a few roles at Chaffey Secondary College however I really want to tell you about my roll as the Year 7 Learning Neighborhood  Leader.

You probably already know that high school is very different to primary school in many ways. Have you thought about how learning might be different in high school? Learning can be quite different to what you are used to in primary school. The kinds of learning tasks you do in high school can be a very big change for grade sixes to get used to.

For this reason Chaffey has created the year 7 team of home group teachers. Year 7 home group teachers at Chaffey Secondary College take their home group for a total of ten sessions out of the thirty you will have each week. This allows your home group teacher to see you everyday in one subject or another. This teacher really gets to know and help you to make the transition from primary school to high school.

So with this year 7 team of home group teachers, the year level coordinators and your other subject teachers I will work my hardest to ensure you are able to do your best to learn everyday. I would like to set you this challenge for your time in year 7 at Chaffey Secondary College. 

“Any fool can know. The point is to understand.” Albert Einstein

Rob Stevens
Year 7 Learning Neighborhood Leader