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SRC Coordinator
Rob Stevens
Rob Stevens

School Captains
Abigail Alabaster & Paul Newland

Vice School Captains
Ally Bottrell-Thorburn & Gary Millsom

SRC Executive
  • Kristina Brooks
  • Madison Hellwege
  • Mele Toholo
  • Beau Matthews
  • Tain Byrne
  • Michael Maunder
  • Lachlan Ryan

Paul Newland – College Captain
Being school captain means so much to me and I was so proud that I was elected by the students and teachers. I'm so happy that I now have a chance to make this school proud of its students by showcasing all we have to offer.
Some of my highlights at Chaffey so far are being involved with The RACV Energy Breakthrough, Championship touch football teams and being School Captain.
This year I want the whole of the Sunraysia community to see the great things our school had to offer. Chaffey is a fantastic school, and I am honored that I can represent this school.

Abigail Alabaster – College Captain
Being elected as college captain for 2013 is a huge honour.  I am so grateful to be one of the main leaders of Chaffey Secondary College this year.  Being college captain means that I can use my skills and ideas to put forward things for the benefit of my school.  With the great team of people on the SRC Executive, I know that together we can make our mark at Chaffey Secondary in 2013.
The two things I love the most about my school are the people here and education opportunities that are given to each student. Chaffey is always filled with smiling faces and a friendly, accepting atmosphere. We have a fantastic group of teachers who are always willing to help us with our learning and benefit us as much as they can for the future. Our student body is very multicultural.  With so many people coming from so many different places, everyone embraces the real uniqueness our college has.
I have been involved with a lot of activities at my time at Chaffey and each one will always be remembered as something special. From The Arts to Science, from Maths to Physical Education, our school has an activity for every area in the school.  The lessons learnt, and experiences had, through these opportunities are something I am proud of.
This year at Chaffey, I hope to take student participation in school events – such as: sporting carnivals or fundraisers - to a higher level.  There are so many things to partake in and I want to see every student enjoy them.
I am looking forward to a fantastic last year at Chaffey and can’t wait to see what the future beholds in front of me.

Gary Millsom - College Vice-captain
Hi my name is Gary Millsom, and I’m Chaffey Secondary College Vice-Captain for 2013. As the Vice-Captain I hope to be able to get more students involved in activities such as sporting events and fundraisers, and also in leadership roles in and around the school.  By getting students involved in our out of school activities we will be able to hear all the great feedback from the community.
My highlights at Chaffey would most likely be the Touch Footy excursions to Adelaide and Melbourne; in every year that I have been at Chaffey I have been on both excursions. But up there would have to be the Snow Trip in 2012 which was one of the best things I have ever done and the views off the mountain were amazing.
So to finish up I would just like to say I hope this year is great for everyone at Chaffey Secondary College and that we achieve our goals. Good luck to everyone for 2013.

Allegra Bottrell-Thorburn – College Vice-captain
Being vice-captain has been a dream of mine ever since year 7. Not for the title but because I want to be part of changing our school. I am a strong minded, opinionated person, having this role is helping me to use these skills in a positive way. Being a part of our leadership team has made me realise how hard this job actually is. But the outcome is definitely worth it. After all the preparation you’ve put into the events you plan with the team, it really pays off when you’re actually there. You think, "wow, we actually did this!"
This year’s School Captains and Executive are a very enthusiastic, hard working group. And I am so proud to be a part of it. This year my aim is to help lift the participation in our school events, which will lead to our major goal of building the reputation of our school. 
I love so much about our school, we get to do a lot of things that no other school in the district does. From everything from School Musicals, Chaffey Fest, Interschool sports, RACV, Kumatori exchange just to name a few. Our school to me feels like one big family. When I step into the yard I feel so welcomed and supported. And that’s how you should feel when you come to school. This year is going to be one crazy ride, so much is going to happen, and I am so glad I have spent the past three years at this amazing school, with amazing peers and amazing teachers. So bring on another great year!