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Welcome to term 4!

posted 13 Oct 2013, 18:10 by Unknown user

This term we welcome 2 new staff members to Chaffey.  Welcome to Jacqui Bunney who will be working in the Diversity Program as an Integration Aide for term 4.  Welcome also to Kylie Cummings will be joining our staff as a teacher of the koorie students, congratulations to Mary Stringer will continue as the Koorie Literacy tutor until the end of 2014.  Congratulations also to Sarah Wrate who won the Pathways and Transition Leading Teacher position for 2014.

 Collecting students from school

The school is not allowed to let students leave school grounds without parent written consent.  Please either write your child a note, email the home group teacher or come to the front office to sign your child out if he or she needs to leave the school during school hours.

 Kumatori Trip

Matt Kennedy and Bec Scown have been keeping us posted on the fun being had in Kumatori.  As always, the Japanese hosts have spoiled our staff and students with all sorts of culturally rich experiences.  There have been a couple of adventures but I’ll let the students tell you about those when they get back.

 Blitz on following school expectations

 This term our staff are focussing on getting students to follow our school rules – namely that they use mobile phones for learning tasks only, that they go to classes on time and with their gear and that they do not swear at school.  You may be asked to support school policy if your child refuses to follow expectations. 

 Great work in Year 7 Civics

 Congratulations to Tori Bolitho and Taylah Jack who will be awarded $1000 each for their prize winning film which was entered in the Loddon Mallee Department of Health/DEECD immunisation film competition.  They won in the best film promoting immunisation to years 7 and 8.  As well as winning $1000 for themselves, Chaffey Secondary College will also be awarded $3000.  Congratulations to Jenny Mclean who facilitated the learning of these students.

Other films created as a result of this unit of work are listed below  Ethan Byrnes, David Newland, Jordan Chaplin  Tori Bolitho, Taylah Jack  Desteney Aves, Kira Carlaw, Jessica Treffene, Jessica Mattschoss, Chloe Pettigrew, Zoe Clarke, Jamie Holt  Eli Alabaster, Daniel Thwaites, Tallan Sudweeks, Lachie Robinson

 Another excellent result achieved as a result of the Civics unit was the fundraising for 4 swags which will be donated to MASP to aid the homeless.  Congratulations also to Mohammad Jaffri, Harrison Pullman, Grace Stewart, Maia Owen-Sutton for their fundraising efforts.  Congratulations also to Tara Liddell for inspiring these students to be this proactive as a result of their civic learning.


Nat Mouvet

Acting Principal