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Chaffey Modular Learning (CML)

What are the key features of Chaffey Modular Learning?

  • Chaffey Modular Learning is designed for all students in Year 8-10.
  • All students complete 5 sessions of English and 5 sessions of math each week.
  • Students make up a CML program of learning from 18 Sessions in 6 courses (3 sessions a course per week) each term.
  • Every year 8 – 10 student participates in two Managed Individual Pathways (MIPs) classes per week.
  • Course Counseling is used to help students create a targeted and appropriate program of learning. This is not a free-for-all. In the case of difficulty or inappropriate course selection, teachers, YLCs and learning area leaders will have final say on whether a student can take a course.
  • All CML Courses are one term in length. This means that course selection takes place each term for the following term.
  • All courses (except English and math) are three (3) sessions per week – generally one double and one single of 96 and 48 minutes respectively.
  • Five levels of course are provided. This way we cater for all levels of learning ability and your son or daughter is neither working at too difficult a level, meaning they can’t learn at the same pace as those around them, and nor are they prevented from being challenged and moving on more quickly. These levels are directly correlated to the VELs levels of the Victorian Curriculum, and subsequently the National Curriculum.
  • While students have a year level, they are not put into CML course according to their year level, but rather according to their ability, interest and prior learning achievement. This means that some courses have students from years 8, 9 and 10 in them.
  • Learning areas take responsibility for confirming the courses we offer in each term. These courses are checked by our curriculum committee and coordinator for balance and variety in terms of what we offer.
  • The curriculum committee operates a course accreditation process. The course accreditation process helps us to make sure all our courses meet high expectations for planning, delivery and assessment, as well as making sure we have a balance of levels and focus areas across our curriculum.
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Victorian Essential Learning Standards (VELs) & CML

CML Level

Traditional Year Level



< 3.25





3.50 - 4.00


4.25 - 4.75


5.00 - 5.50


5.75 - 6.25 / VCE / VCAL / CERT 2&3

Choosing a CML Program - Course Selection

All students have a Homegroup Teacher who is responsible for the Managed Individual Pathway or Plan, and for their course selection. This homegroup teacher will assist students and parents with course counseling each term. 

Every term students will need to access the CML course booklet. Students will access this via their netbooks; downloading a copy to take home, or you can view the course booklet online on the school’s website: www.chaffeysc.vic.edu.au. There are computers in our administration foyer for parents to make use of, or the front office can provide you with a hard-copy if necessary. 

With their parents, students read through the course booklet and decide on which courses they wish to choose. Courses need to be selected from different blocks/colours, as these blocks determine how the timetable is constructed and only one course can be taken in each block per term. 

Students will (almost) always have their English and Math in the same blocks for the entire year. 

Once students have selected which courses they wish to take (you need a first and second choice in each block) they complete their course selection form. 

Students and parents attend a course selection meeting with their HG teacher (or you can arrange to meet your Year Level Coordinator under special circumstances). 

At this meeting your HG teacher will verify your selections and your name will be added to your first choice list. 

Student’s and parents need to take care to select courses where the level matches the student’s literacy and numeracy ability. This is most important in courses which are rich and literacy and numeracy - humanities, science, health, ICT, many technology subjects, media, music, drama. Student’s are given an update on their current Literacy and Numeracy level each term via the Ultranet. 

Once a CML program has been selected it goes forward for finalization and students will generally receive notice of their finalized course prior to each holiday. 

Putting a good program together

Every student will continue to have a major focus on literacy and numeracy through English and mathematics learning. Student’s in their first 18 months of the CML program are encouraged to create programs that cover a broad range of subjects so that they can continue to explore subjects and courses they might not have done before. As students build a strong sense of which subjects they are good at, and which ones will contribute to their future plans and pathways, students can become much more focused in the range they take.
Know your Literacy and Numeracy Levels 

Every term students are given their most recent literacy and numeracy results. These are presented as both VELs levels and in CML Level terms 
Student: A. Student

Literacy Results (VELs)

Numeracy Results (VELs)

Appropriate CML Levels

Term 1



2 - 4

Term 2



3 - 4

Term 3



Term 4



These results are derived from testing in onDemand tests in reading, writing and number, as well as teacher judgements, TORCH tests of reading, work sample assessment and other benchmark assessments. NAPLAN tests are not used as by the time the school receives the data the results are out of date. 

This table of results will indicate the most appropriate levels of course for each student. However, lower literacy results will make it difficult for students to take higher level courses which require a higher level of English learning. The higher students’ literacy results, the wider range of courses they have available for selection.

Example Timetables

Getting Support

Every student is different. All students learn at slightly different levels, and at different paces. But all students need to learn to learn in different ways and in different areas. The CML program provides opportunities to try a range of subjects, but also for students to gain access to appropriate levels of support by choosing lower CML levels. This is why Chaffey Secondary College offers courses at Level 1 for CML students. 

If you struggle with reading, writing or numeracy, then you will need to include an additional literacy or numeracy course for three sessions a week as one of your CML courses. 

Your Homegroup teacher, and Year Level Coordinators will provide you with more advice on how to gain access to high levels of subject support through the CML program.
Extension and Fast-tracking 

Capable students can use the CML program to take extension courses, and even fast-track to higher levels of work earlier than they might under other learning arrangements. 

In order to take on courses at a much higher level than a student would normally undertake, the student must be able to demonstrate the ability to cope with higher level work. This will be attested to in their school report. 

Many courses at higher levels of CML (3 - 5) have pre-requisite courses. These are courses you have to have completed BEFORE you can take the higher level course. These pre-requisites are always labelled on the course descriptor. 

Some of our courses are Must Dos. This means that every student must complete the course at some stage. Sometimes students will be required to select a minimum number of a particular FOCUS area each year or over the three year duration of CML.  Students at Chaffey Secondary College are required to select three Health and Physical Education courses in each year.
Reading the Courses

Learning Areas
A = The Arts 
E = English 
H = Humanities 
L = Languages other than English 
M = Mathematics 
S = Science 
D = Design Technology
P = Health & Physical Education 
W= Wellbeing 
G = Other studies