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ICT is an important part of education in our school. We are proud to continue to provide students with a range of digital devices ranging from netbooks, laptops and iPads available to all classes and students every day.  Students are able to communicate and collaborate through use of Google Accounts through the Google Apps for Education program.

By working in the Google 'Cloud', students are now able to access their learning 24/7 from any internet enabled device.  

Over the past three years of this program, we have seen some huge growth in student learning, engagement and communication.  Future work will be to develop student Digital Portfolios to be used to guide student progress in each terms' Student Led Presentation.

Coupled with our new Parent Portal, we look forward to improving the way we communicate and collaborate outside the four walls of a traditional classroom.  Information regarding parent access will be sent out to our community in term 4 this year.  

Access to Learning Devices@Home.  

We recognise the need for students to learn 24/7.  Students at Chaffey have access to digital devices outside school hours available to book from the school library overnight.  

Many of our school resources are now available online by any internet enabled device.  You can now open the door to your child to learn outside school hours. 

To learn more about Chaffey's innovative ICT program, please contact the eLearning Leader.

Nigel Ross
eLearning Leader