Carol Grave
Weaver, Quilter, Knitter


Yarn, yarn, yarn!  Fabric, thread and found objects! Dyes and paints!  T-shirts, old jeans, tweed jackets and neckties!  Scattered around the creative mess of my studio are shelves, boxes and secret corners where all these elements are stashed waiting to be turned into rugs, quilts, wall hangings, afghans, clothing and accessories.  Color and texture excite me.  Making something new from something old, treating traditional materials in new ways, making the one dimensional two dimensional....

I have sewn since the 10th grade, knit on and off since college, woven since I was in my 20’s and started to experiment with fabric collage and quilts in my 60’s.  Originally the structure imposed by each form focussed me.  I loved the symmetry and the mathematics of each discipline.  More and more I want to push the structure, soften the edges, blur the horizontal and the vertical, combine various fiber techniques.  See some of my work here.  Better yet, come see the real thing.