Sixth Grade- Skill Review Games

Numbers and Operations

Number Sense
Locating numbers on a numberline  Use this game to sink battleships located on a numberline

Multiplication  Use this game to practice multiplication on game board

Division  Use this game to practice division on game board

Fraction Division Basketball Practice dividing fractions while playing this interactive basketball game
Soccer Math  Practice multiplying fractions in this interactive soccer game
Soccer Math 2 Practice dividing fractions in this interactive soccer game
So You Want to be a Millionaire Play this game by answering questions about fractions, decimals, and percents.  How much money can you earn?
Fraction Jeopardy Review addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of fractions with this game
Fraction/Decimal/Percent Jeopardy Play this game to review fractions, decimals, and percents
Decimal Jeopardy Add, subtract, multiply, divide decimals to win this game
Measuring the Weight of the "Greggs"  Use this scale to measure the weight of the Gregg figures.  When prompted, add these decimal numbers and submit the total (skill:  adding decimals)
Measuring the Weight of the "Greggs"  Use this scale to measure the weight of the Gregg figures.  When prompted, subtract these decimal numbers and submit the difference (skill:  subtracting decimals)
Order of Operations
Order of Operations Millionaire Game Practice order of operations with this Millionaire-type game
Order of Operations  Practice using order of operations to solve these problems. 
Order of Operations Game  Click on what you would do first in each equation to win this game
Order of Operations Practice  Try a workout of 10 problems. If you don't get at least 8 correct, review "In Depth" and try again.
Order of Operations Practice II  Try your hand at more equations to solve using Order of Operations
Using Order of Operations  Use the numbers and math operations given to make an equation with the solution provided.  Remember which operation(s) are performed first!
Estimating  Practice estimating (counting, length, area)

Menu sites
Comparing numbers  Go to this site for a menu of sites to practice comparing numbers
Computation  Use this site to practice computation
Decimals  This site provides a menu to use to practice decimals
Add and Subtract Fractions  Use this site to practice adding and subtracting fractions
Percent  At this site you will find a menu of sites to use to practice percents
Place Value  Practice place value at this site
Multiply Fractions  If multiplication of fractions is what you want, try this site
Ratio and Proportion  Practice these two math concepts at this site
Divide Fractions  Want to practice dividing fractions?  If so, this is the site for you.
Numbers Lots of fun games at this site....along with related info and quizzes
Elapsed Time Match Game
Elapsed Time Online Quiz with immediate feedback on answers
Elapsed Time Clock  Find elapsed time using this computer clock.  Count the elapsed time- the computer will help keep track to find the ending time. 
Mission 2110:  Time   Game in which you use your knowledge of analog and digital time
Area  Use this site to explore area of irregular shapes drawn on graph paper 
Measurement Game  Practice measuring in either inches or centimeters with this game.  Differentiation available by different levels.  Provides feedback (are you right or wrong?)
Perimeter  Use this site to explore perimeter of irregular shapes drawn on graph paper
Perimeter of a Square  Test yourself at finding the perimeter of squares
Perimeter of a Rectangle  Test yourself at finding rectangle perimeter
Balance Scale  Practice using an interactive balance scale
Area and Perimeter  Practice finding area and perimeter of irregular shapes drawn on graph paper
Angles Explore angles at this geometry site
Measuring Angles  Use a virtual protractor to measure angles at this site
Name That Polygon  See if you can name the polygon given certain attributes
Working with Angles  Video and activities about angles
Similar Shapes  Use this site to practice identifying shapes that are similar
Tank Attack  Find the number of degrees in the missing angle of a triangle in this game
Triangles  Lots and lots of triangles at this site!

Area and Perimeter  Watch this video and do the activities
Relating Perimeter and Area  Watch this video and complete activities about how perimeter and area are related
Surface Area of Prisms  Activities and video about finding the surface area of prisms
Flips and Slides video and activities
Transformations  Use this menu to explore transformations

Algebraic Concepts
Algebraic functions
menu at this site
Coordinate planes  Use these sites to practice the topic of coordinate planes
Patterns  Explore patterns at this site
Connect Four  Play this Connect Four game using simple variable expressions. Suggestion:  Use  just "variable on both sides" and no time limit to start.
Millionaire Game Test your knowledge of algebraic expressions with this 1 or 2 person game

Data Analysis and Probability
Probability  Explore probability at this site
Graphing  Gather data then choose the graph that would match that data
Interpreting Line Graphs  Work with line graphs at this site

Seventh grade math sites are available at this link