NCTM site of lessons and activities.  Excellent source for math material.

3 Act Math-- Dan Meyers

Survivor Algebra Booklet about teaching math.  Set in college setting, but easily adapted for younger students.  Great motivational material included.

Create A Page Use this site to create many different types of math pages....graph paper, number lines, etc.
Printable Worksheets  Lots of printable worksheets in both word and PDF format.
Elapsed Time  Use this site to model how to count from the start time to find the end time.  The computer keeps track of the passing time.

Online stopwatch  Use this website to find online timing devices
Blooms Taxonomy  Wondering how to incorporate higher order thinking skills?  This site will help with suggested vocabulary to use to stimulate higher level thinking

Math Manipulatives
  This site contains all types of online math manipulatives

Math Dictionary for Kids-- Interactive, colorful math dictionary

Math Glossary  Don't know a math term or formula?  Look it up at this site.

Wolfram Alpha-- computational knowledge search engine
Math Worksheets  Print all types of math worksheets for math computation practice from this site
More Computation Worksheets  Use this site to print out more math computation worksheets
Charts  Never buy a math chart again- or create one on your own!  Many math charts are available on this site.  The charts marked with a star are interactive and work well as personal practice or on a smartboard.
Many math materials are available at this site.  Scroll down the page for PDF and virtual math materials.  Great site!


Printable Flashcards  If you'd like some flash cards you can print out cards for addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division at this site

Interactive Math Flashcards
  Select a grade level and skill and use this site to practice math facts.  Self correcting.

Math Fluency Practice  
Math Fact Practice  Use this site to access several different ways to practice multiplication and division facts.  Printable flash cards as well as games are included.

Math Fact Practice with printable progress chart

Order of Operations  Interactive presentation explaining Order of Operations
Order of Operations online quiz with tutorial
Rules of Divisibility  Online tutorial for rules of divisibility (includes rules for 4 and 8 as well as all common rules)
Prime and Composite Numbers  Online tutorial working with prime and composite numbers

Why Teach Fluency?  Power Point presentation showing the progression of fluency starting in kindergarten


RtII Strategies for math  (much more at this site-- click on math in the navigation bar at the top of the page)




Math challenge activities to do at home.

Pre-Algebra Help Menu  This link includes help on topics such as factorization, exponents, and much more!

Notebook files for the Smartboard  This link warehouses Smartboard activities accessible by PA state standards

Fraction Project Problems-- Scroll down the page and click on Fraction Project-- Good fraction problem solving problems.  Could be used for early finishers.


**Parents/Teachers:  These 2 sites provide a wealth of math practice; however there may be a charge to use all the activities. 
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