Rational Numbers

Module 3:  Rational Numbers

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Focus Standards for this module:

Topic A:  Understanding Positive and Negative Numbers on the Number Line (6.NS.C.5, 6.NS.C.6a, 6.NS.C.6c)
    Lesson 1:  Positive and Negative Numbers on the Number Line-- Opposite Direction and Value
          LZ480  Positive and Negative numbers using a number line
          LZ698  Positive and Negative numbers with temperature
          LZ697  Positive and Negative numbers with elevation
          LZ699  Positive and Negative numbers with money
    Lessons 2 and 3:  Real-World Positive and Negative Numbers and Zero
          Some of the videos above will help with the real world problems with positive and negative numbers and zero
    Lesson 4:  The Opposite of a Number
          LZ481  Understanding the opposite of a number by looking at a number line
    Lesson 5:  The Opposite of a Number's Opposite
          Practice finding the opposite of an opposite.  If you get stuck, click on Watch Video in the lower right part of the screen.
    Lesson 6:  Rational Numbers on the Number Line

Topic B:  Order and Absolute Value (6.NS.C.6c, 6.NS.C.7)
    Lessons 7-8:  Ordering Integers and Other Rational Numbers
          Game to practice ordering integers and other rational numbers
    Lesson 9:  Comparing Integers and Other Rational Numbers
    Lesson 10:  Writing and Interpreting Inequality Statements Involving Rational Numbers
            Listen to full lesson (24 minutes)
    Lesson 11:  Absolute Value-- Magnitude and Distance
           Full Lesson (26 minutes)
           Absolute Value
           Game to practice absolute value
    Lesson 12:  The Relationship Between Absolute Value and Order
    Lesson 13:  Statements of Order in the Real World
Topic C:  Rational Numbers and the Coordinate Plane (6.NS.C.6b, 6.BS.C.6c, 6.NS.C.8)
    Lesson 14:  Ordered Pairs
    Lesson 15:  Locating Ordered Pairs on the Coordinate Plane
    Lesson 16:  Symmetry in the Coordinate Plane
    Lesson 17:  Drawing the Coordinate Plane and Points on the Plane
             Practice exercises
    Lesson 18:  Distance on the Coordinate Plane
              Video:  LZ3239
    Lesson 19:  Problem-Solving and the Coordinate Plane
              Video example 1

Games to use to review: