Fifth Grade- Skill Review Games

Numbers and Operations
Number Sense
Locating numbers on a numberline  Use this game to sink battleships located on a numberline

Multiplication  Use this game to practice multiplication on game board
Multiplication Jeopardy Game  Use your multiplication skills to win a jeopardy-like game
Division  Use this game to practice division on game board
Mission Magnetite - Practice matching fractions, percents, and pictures in this outer space themed game
Melvin's Matches- Match equivalent values
13 ways to make 1/2- How good are you at this??
Soccer Earn the chance to shoot on goal by correctly simplifying the fractions
Baseball Earn points in this baseball game by corectly simplifying fractions
Football Earn points by adding fractions in this interactive football game
Board Game Challenge Practice adding and subtracting fractions in this interactive board game

Decimal Soccer Win this game by correctly adding decimals
Decimal Soccer 2 Win this game by correctly subtracting decimals
Decimal Basketball Subtract decimals to win this game
Decimal Place Value will be practiced at this interactive football site
Rounding Decimals is the key to winning this baseball game

Order of Operations
Quick Math  How quick are you at finding out the proper operation?
Order of Operations  Use this game to practice order of operations.  Challenge yourself to the hardest version!!
Soccer Match-- Practice your estimation skills with this online soccer game
Rounding and estimating (menu of sites)
Math Man--  Estimate Products by Rounding (similar to the old PacMan Game)

Factor Trees  Use this site to practice factor trees
Factor Millionaire Game  Learn your factors while playing a Millionaire-type game.
Factor/Multiple Jeopardy  Practice factors and multiples
Factor Millionaire Game  Learn your factors while playing a Millionaire-type game.
Factor/Multiple Jeopardy  Practice factors and multiples
Adding and Subtracting Integers  Use these flashcards to practice adding and subtracting integers
Online manipulative game to add integers (may require download)
Online manipulative game to subtract integers (may require download)
Subtracting Integers Practice subtracting integers at this site
Addition  Use this game to practice addition on game board
Subtraction  Use this game to practice subtraction on game board
Menu sites:
Comparing numbers  Go to this site for a menu of sites to practice comparing numbers
Decimals  On this site you will find a menu of many other sites to practice using decimals
Multiplication and Division  Click on this site for a menu of sites that will help you with multiplication and division
Place Value and Exponential Notation  Go to this site for a menu of other place value and exponential notation sites
Fractions  A menu of many fraction sites
Mixed Numbers  This site will give you a choice of several mixed number sites
Numbers Lots of fun games at this site....along with related info and quizzes

Measure It!  Practice using a ruler in inches or centimeters.  Varying degrees of difficulty.
Learn to Read a Ruler game- Practice to read a ruler using this site
Bamzooki Race Track measurement game


Coordinate Pairs
Graphing Game  Use this game to practice graphing ordered pairs in all quadrants
Coordinate Pair Game  See if you can correctly guess the coordinates
Identify the Coordinate Pair  Use the location of the "house" to list the coordinates for the x and y axis on this graph
Angles  Click here to practice identifying different types of angles
Identify Geometric Shapes  Identify shapes on a game board to reveal a hidden picture!
Area of a Triangle  Use this activity to practice finding the area of a triangle.  You must first count the number of squares to find the length of the legs of the triangle before finding the area!
Classify Shape Game See how fast you are at distinguishing between 2-D and 3-D shapes
Angle Jeopardy Test your knowledge of angles with this game
Half a Minute You will have 30 seconds to guess the names of different polygons
Squirt the Dog Play this animated game and practice knowledge of angles at the same time!
Mission 2110 Angles  Use your knowledge of basic shapes to answer the clues in this game

Area and Perimeter  Use this site to explore area and perimeter (using blocks on a grid)
Calculate Perimeter  You will calculate the perimeter of given shapes (using blocks on a grid) at this site
Algebraic Concepts
Order of Operations  Use this game to practice order of operations
Math Frog  See how many problems you can get correct in 2 minutes.  Use your knowledge of order of operations to do each problem
Equation Match  Can you put the numbers in the proper order so that both sides of the equation are equal? 

Data Analysis and Probability

Coin Toss   Is the practice of flipping a coin for something "fair"?  Use this site to explore....
Making Graphs  Tally the information from the online "students" and make different types of graphs
What's the Point?  Work with points on a graph
Grids and Graphs  Identify and plot points on a grid
Line Graph  Use this site to create a line graph
Bamzooki Zooks  Use your knowledge of mean, median, and mode to help capture the bamzooki zooks!
Stem and Leaf Plots/Mean, Median, Mode  Use a stem and leaf plot to find mean, median, mode.  Click on View mode to enter data and have computer plot and find mean, median, mode.  Click Guess mode to see stem and leaf plot so that you can calculate mean, median, and mode.  You may then check your answer
Stock the Shelves  You are a stockperson and have two minutes to "stock" 20 bottles.....or to graph 20 coordinates pairs.  Are you up to the challenge?

Enrichment sites

Sixth grade math sites are available at this website