Neue Länder 2008

The Great Transformation: Economic Reconstruction, Social Change, and Cultural Heritage in East Germany
CCGES Study Tour to Germany, October 16-26, 2008

With the approach of the 20th anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall and of German Reunification, it was timely to reflect on and take stock of the dramatic transformation East Germans have experienced, to investigate the quantity and quality of change, to assess the successes and failures of the process of “internal unification,”, and consider its future prospects. the tour focused on three inter-related thematic areas: 1) the economic and environmental collapse of the GDR and the subsequent construction of a social market economy and “green industries” in the “five new states” since 1990; 2) the emergence, sometimes tentative, sometimes not, of a Western-style civil society; 3) the contested rediscovery of “cultural heritage” (in a broad sense) and its relation to the ongoing process of redefining the city and urbanity.
The Study Tour was planned and conducted by Marcus Funck (Professor of History) and John Paul Kleiner (CCGES Centre Coordinator)
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