An ode to Hamburg through the spokes of a Hollandrad

By: Tara Smedbøl

Dear Hamburg,

            you are a Stadt von Containerverkehr,

            unter anderem.

            Fahrräder sind in jede ecke

            die ganze Stadt.

Business people in every discipline

            On jeden transportation-mittel.

            Containers move goods

while bicycles move people who move goods.

Your movement, your water, your industry,

Hamburg’s reflection

of itself.

Your growth

my struggle.

Your traffic

my pleasure.

Greenest city? more like

attempt at forward progress forward

and hidden struggles

and balance

between the old, the new, the traditional,

and the abstract hard to handle alternatives

that often are most logical.

Colourful bikes all around the HafenCity

            chained to plain square metal

            bike racks placed in an otherwise architecturally

                                rich bland and

                                colourful red development.

We fight, and we struggle

            To make our mark

            to claim our platz

            and to follow our ziele.

            Wie funktioniert eine Stadt

            Mit verschiedene Wege

            Und noch verschiedene Advokaten?

Wo finden wir die Balance?

Wie kommen wir zusammen

            in love, liebe and Globalization

            that benefits the locals, the visitors and the city?


            Bicycling is the answer to our concerns.

Richard Florida is commonly referred to

            when discussing Kreativ-Wirtschaftliche-Entwicklungen

und Erfolgreiche-Wirtschaftliche-Entwicklungen.

Most recently even he, himself, pointed at bicycling

            as an indicator of Kreativ-Gesellschaft,

the key to the Creative Economy.

And since everything the modern economic guru says

                        goes und ist wahr, then

                        bicycling and Fahrradverkehr

                        are clearly our keys

for continuing to move people

            and goods

            and in connecting our local communities.

Nevermind moving communities forward -

            foward through the Umwelthauptstadt 2011.