Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I join?

Fill out the membership form and send it in with your dues to the school office, or sign up here:

2. How do I get on the listserv?

To subscribe to the listserv, please contact Amy Monroe at

3. Who can post and what can be posted on the listserv?

Cayuga Heights PTA has been established to facilitate communication among the parents and teachers of the school. The list is set up as a discussion list, so all members can post announcements and start threads of conversation. All messages should be relevant to the CHES community. Please keep posts non-political and only post messages that will be of interest to the parents and teachers of Cayuga Heights Elementary School.

4. How can I help?

Please contact one of our Board Members listed on our Contacts page to see where you can lend a hand.

5 How/What can I donate?

Financial donations to the PTA are always welcome! If you are interested in making a financial donation, please donate online here, contact our Treasurer listed on our Contacts page, or send a check made out to the CHES PTA in an envelope in your child's backpack or drop it off in the PTA mailbox located in the office.

6. When are the PTA meetings and is there child care?

Please check meeting dates and times on the calendar often, as sometimes information changes.

7. Where are the PTA mailboxes?

There are two PTA mailboxes (one general and one treasurer mailbox) located in the CHES office.

8. How do I submit pictures for the yearbook?

Have you been to school events and snapped some shots? Do you have pictures of a field trip or special classroom activity? The yearbook committee is always looking for great CHES pictures or your kids. Action shots or pictures with multiple children are especially welcome. Hold on to your pictures for now, and we will make a way to submit them available soon!