The Cayuga Basin Bioregion Map

by Sandy Wold, originator/author/researcher and Camille Doucet, artist, c2002, 2010

The Cayuga Basin Bioregion Map pays homage to the precious waters flowing through the Cayuga Lake watershed in the Finger Lakes region of Central New York. Our water not only sustains us, but it also sustains a huge variety of wildlife, including 290+ species of native and migratory birds and endemic endangered orchids… adding to the remarkable beauty of this region. We are incredibly fortunate to live here.

Inspired by the bioregional (deep ecology) movement of the 1970s, the bioregion maps from the Salish Sea Project, and a love for the beauty of the Finger Lakes, Sandy Wold envisioned the project while working on her thesis on sustainability education. This project was originally sponsored by the Center for Environmental Sustainability (CES), along with an anonymous matching grant, a fundraiser, and a $200 grant from the Alternatives Federal Credit Union.

Many thanks for the invaluable support of Wally Woods, cofounder of the CES, to Camille Doucet for her beautiful artwork, and residents around the basin who helped give a "voice to the land."