The Cayuga Basin Bioregion Map (c2002, 2010), was created with three intentions in mind:

--to create an interdisciplinary teaching tool for educators

--to foster an appreciation for the unique flora and fauna, habitats, and geologic and social history 

--to inspire stewardship for this special place we call home.  

This Cayuga Basin Bioregion pays homage to the water we drink, cook, bathe, fish, swim, and boat in every day.  Our water sustains more than just us, it sustains a huge variety of life including 290+ species of native and migratory birds and endemic endangered orchids… adding to the remarkable beauty of this region.  We are incredibly fortunate to live here.  May we forever protect and honor the Cayuga Basin.

Inspired by the bioregional maps of the Pacific Northwest and a love for the beauty and uniqueness of the Finger Lakes, author/designer/originator Sandra (Sandy) Wold envisioned this project following her graduate studies at SUNY Cortland where she specialized her studies in interdisciplinary education with nature and bioregionalism as the overlapping "common core" and wrote her thesis on how to integrate sustainability education into New York State standards and public education.  This project was sponsored by the Center for Environmental Sustainability (CES) and supported by a small grant from the Alternatives Federal Credit Union.  

Many thanks for the invaluable logistical support of Wally Woods, retired corporate facilitator and cofounder of the CES, and thanks to the beautiful watercolor artwork of Camille Doucet.  Located in the Finger Lakes region in Central New York, the Cayuga Basin Bioregion is actually a subwatershed of the Oneida watershed and is further distinguished by its unique geologic formations, natural history, seasonal cycles, local economy, and historic sites (e.g., indigenous peoples, the Underground Railroad, and the Women's Suffrage Movement, ...). 

This poster map measures 22x28 inches and connects locals and visitors to the beauty, richness, and unique qualities of our bioregion.  This map makes a great gift for home, work, or classroom and looks great laminated, mounted on a plak, or matted and framed in gold-painted wood.  The second edition was printed in June 2010.  The original watercolor painting is now owned by the Paleontological Research Institution and is permanently displayed at the Cayuga Nature Center in Ithaca, NY.  

POSTERS AVAILABLE for sale by request and in Ithaca, NY: Wegmans, Autumn Leaves, Buffalo Books, and the Paleontological Research Institution, and other locations. Also, ask about fundraising opportunities available to sell posters to benefit local youth projects and trips.
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