Species Recovery

Species Recovery:  There are many things that we can do to help improve and preserve habitat for the California tiger salamander. We can use less water for showers,washing dishes and watering plants by always turning the faucet/hose off when we we are not using it. Less residential water use means more water for rivers and wetlands that provide habitat for native tiger salamanders. The Biological Diversity center has advocated hard to protect California tiger salamanders under both the federal and the California endangered species act as well as to force designation of critical habitat. Due to the efforts by the center for Biological Diversity and allies three populations of the California tiger salamander have been protected under the federal endangered species act for years. On march 3 the California fish and game commission voted 3-2 to protect the imperiled California tiger salamander under the states endangered species act. There is currently relatively little being done to protect the California tiger salamander. As of august 2005,it was listed threatened but is now protected by a small diversity a small new Mexico center has succeed in listing the sonoma and Santa Barbra populations and granting central California Fish and Game to list the entire species as endangered and designate the species a candidate for protection. It is also important that any regulations applied to salamanders territory be strictly enforced. In 2005 California government officials illegally slashed protection for salamanders territory in half and completed.   

Finding a habitat for the salamanders.

A man helping a tiger salamander.

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