Endangered Species

In Danger of Extinction: The California tiger salamander is both endangered and threaten species. This salamander is endangered because 50% of there historical range has disappeared. The California tiger salamander depends on ephemeral vernal pools for breeding. In recent decades 95 percent of California's vernal pools have been lost and at least 75 percent of the salamanders habitat through out the state have eliminated. In Sonoma country, 95 percent of the fragmented and minimal remaining salamander habitat is threatened by development the Santa Barbra population is also on the verge of extinction. When tiger salamanders make their mass migrations to cross roads which leaves them vulnerable to traffic when crossing the road to get to the vernal pools at night. Most of their populations in the central valley have been eliminated by development and agriculture predation by non-native bull frogs and hybridization are additional threats to California tiger salamanders. According to one study when non-native tiger salamanders breed with native tiger salamanders the hybrid offspring survive in higher than the native offspring. The center for Biological Diversity petitioned the commission in 2004 to list the California tiger salamanders as endangered due to the impacts of urban and agriculture development. The Santa Barbra country salamander population has been listed as endangered under the federal endangered species act since 2000,as has the sonoma country population since 2003. The central California population has been federally listed as threatened since 2004.     


This shows how much California tiger salamanders are endangered.

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