Roof and Amenities Projects

Our Major Roof and Amenities Projects at St Andrews Church Castle Combe


The aim of St. Andrew’s here in Castle Combe is to be an accessible and welcoming place to visit and in which to worship.   Currently, the Church lacks some basic amenities to support this aim. There is no accessible washroom within the Church and the facilities to offer warm drinks after a service are minimal.

Planning permission has been sought and granted to build a small extension on the north side of the Church (the “Amenities Project”). This new structure will be accessed through the north wall, and will involve re-working an old, semi-subterranean external boiler room to house a small kitchen, a washroom accessible to the disabled, and a modern boiler. The vestry will be re housed in the new structure. The current vestry is located in the Knight’s Chapel, an area closed to the public for decades.  The Chapel contains a beautiful stained glass window and family memorials. Its re-opening would reveal these windows and a glorious carved screen, to a wider public and provide a calm place for private prayer. 


The new facilities will be of huge benefit to the Castle Combe village community, for all the Church services, and to all people attending festivals and celebrations in St. Andrew’s. The amenities will make the building more accessible and offer opportunities for more events to be held in the heart of the village.

Before the building of the new structure is started, a complete roof repair of the north transept of the church must be completed.  The need for this significant repair was identified in the Quinquennial Report of 2008, following which fund-raising began with the STAR (ST. Andrew’s Restoration) Appeal. Good progress has been made to raise money by a myriad of events and requests for donations.

In terms of costs, the current estimate for the roof repair is £87,000. The need for additional expenditure may reveal itself when the roof timbers are exposed. A grant of £48,000 from Listed Places of Worship has been secured towards the repair work. With additional funds raised by various local events and donations, the PCC has now commissioned the work to begin on 4th April 2016.     

The cost of the Amenities Project is not yet finalised, but is expected to be in the region of £200,000 including associated VAT. The PCC is in the process of raising funds to meet these costs and aims to have secured sufficient funds to start work as the roof repair is completed.

Your support in helping us to achieve these goals would be very much welcomed.

You are able to donate to our Appeal by visiting our Virgin Giving page at 

Thank you so much for this.

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