About Us

This is our 8th year presenting Cascadia Masters Championships.  

2016 we saw a number of new clubs join us. 2016 was the year we had the largest number of USA competitors and a large contingent of Para rowers, it's exciting to see our regatta grow.

2015 was also a great year, welcoming Wenactee Rowing Club for the first time and this year we are looking forward to hosting San Diego Rowing Club crews.  

2014 was lots of fun as we formed the Local Organising Committee co-hosting with Burnaby Lake Rowing Club to bring the RCA Masters Championships to Burnaby Lake.  That was an amazing effort with record numbers coming together at Burnaby Lake to take part in Canadian Masters.

The Organising Committee

Bill Myra - Regatta Chair
Cinda Ewton
Jane McCall
Shelley Fletcher
Stephanie Payne
... and a host of people too many to name but who are invaluable.