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More about Cascadia Heritage Roses Group

The important thing to remember about Cascadia Heritage Roses Group is that it is all about old garden roses!
There is no board to make decisions, members chose how this group will work, and what it will accomplish.
This group is being founded by Angelique in Oregon and Claire in Washington state.  We invite anybody interested in Old Garden Roses to join us, in fact you do not even need to live in the Cascadia bio-region, defined by the watersheds of the rivers that flow into the Pacific Ocean through North America's temperate rainforest zone.
We hope that like a well taken cutting, Cascadia HRG will root into Oregon, Washington and British Columbia, revitalizing the interest in old garden roses and bringing lovers of them together.
Our presence consists of two on-line locations.  For day to day connections, calendar, announcements and questions please visit the Cascadia Heritage Roses Group Yahoo forum. 
The other location is this website.. 
To start it seems that knowing what other rosy folks are doing, and what roses are being grown where will be helpful, this will most likely change with time, but to begin we would like information to add to the following places.
Calendar on Yahoo site-pretty self explanatory, are you doing something concerning OGR's, or do you know of an event that would be of interest to other heritage rose members-put it on Cascadia's yahoo calendar.
Success Map-Cascadia HRG covers lots of miles, and microclimates.  We hope to collect information by zip code as to what roses are growing and doing well by locations. Tell us your zip code, and what roses are working for you, we will compile a list for the benefit of others with similar situations.
Links-again, pretty self explanatory, do you know of places to buy roses, other HRG sites of interest, rose gardens around the world, whatever.  Send a link, we will put it up on this website.
Questions?  Send us an e-mail.