Cascadia Heritage Roses Group is an on-line community of like minded lovers of old roses.  We have no dues, no governing board, no scheduled meetings.
Do you want to get in touch with folks growing old roses in climates similar to your own?  Do you wonder which rose to grow?  Did you find a rose and can't identify it?  Ask other Cascadia members via the Cascadia Yahoo forum.
In the future we hope to maintain a list of which roses are being grown successfully in local gardens.
We have a do it yourself newsletter, which means our members share important information with each other via the Cascadia Yahoo forum
In addition we offer a calendar which is also user driven.  Are you going to take cuttings, work in a garden, tour a nursery, visit a collection of roses?  Want company?  Post the information to the calendar, we will see you there! 
Since Cascadia HRG is just starting up, and since it is a bit of a trial balloon to have a Heritage Roses Group in such a large area, we have waived requiring members of Cascadia HRG to join the national Heritage Roses Group.  That said, we still strongly encourage all lovers of the rose to consider joining the national Heritage Roses Group.  For more information on joining the national HRG, click here!