Cary Frydman

Associate Professor of Finance and Business Economics
Marshall School of Business
University of Southern California

Phone: 213-821-5586

I am an economist with research interests in behavioral finance, neurofinance, and experimental economics. My research is funded in part by an NSF CAREER award (2018 - 2023).

Working Papers

July 2019

The Role of Salience in Choice Under Risk: An Experimental Investigation (with Milica Mormann)
November 2018

Journal of Finance, 2020, 75: 229-276
2018 TD Ameritrade Best Paper Award in Behavioral Finance

Rolling Mental Accounts (with Samuel Hartzmark and David Solomon)
Review of Financial Studies, 2018, 31: 362-397

Extrapolative Beliefs in Economic and Perceptual Decisions: Evidence of a Common Mechanism (with Gideon Nave)
Management Science, 2017, 63: 2340-2352
Runner Up for 2016 Einhorn Award for Best Young Investigator in Judgment and Decision Making
Review of Financial Studies, 2016, 29: 3108-3139.
Finalist for 2017 Exeter Prize

Trends in Cognitive Sciences, 2016, 20: 661-675

Using Neural Data to Test a Theory of Investor Behavior: An Application to Realization Utility (with Nicholas Barberis, Colin Camerer, Peter Bossaerts and Antonio Rangel)
Journal of Finance, 2014, 69: 907-946

Journal of Behavior & Economic Organization, 2014, 107B: 541-552.

Review of Finance, 2014, 18: 1-22, Lead Article
2014 Pagano and Zechner Prize for Best Non-Investments Paper in Review of Finance

MAOA-L Carriers are Better at Making Optimal Financial Decisions Under Risk (with Colin Camerer, Peter Bossaerts and Antonio Rangel)
Proceedings of the Royal Society B, 2011, 1714: 2053-2059.