About Us

We are a full-service agency, family owned and operated, established 1929  
in the Eagle Rock District of Los Angeles by Carroll L Evans. Son, Don Evans, joined the agency in 1963. We became a THREE generation family agency in 1985 when Don's son, Steve came on staff. We are equipped to serve you anywhere in California, without compromising the standard of prompt and personal attention that California clients have always associated with our own founding father:
Carroll L Evans
(May 1900 - Feb 1999)

 Eagle Rock takes its name from this unique rock formation that resembles an eagle in flight. Indians inhabited the caves of the Eagle Rock for centuries before its discovery by the Spanish explorer Portola in 1770. The Eagle Rock, in 1784, became a marker of the first land grant in California when the King of Spain granted it to Don Jose Verdugo. In 1870, the caves were inhabited by the Mexican bandit Vasquez. In later years, as settlers began arriving in the area, the name of Eagle Rock was attached to include a large area of land west of the rock, Eagle Rock incorporated itself as a city in 1911, and was annexed to the City of Los Angeles in 1923. In 1914 Occidental College moved to its spacious 95 acre rolling hills site situated in Eagle Rock.