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Director, Producer, Screenwriter and Award-Winning Actor: Robert A. Welsh

The Carmilla Corporation

The Carmilla Corporation is dedicated to producing high quality / low budget short films. Carmilla Corporation Pictures is a collaboration of talented film-makers based in Edinburgh, Scotland. We are self-financed and award winning.

Avaritia Poster

Poster Art for 'Avaritia', designed by Robert A. Welsh

With many more ideas in the pipeline and scripts already in pre-production there is always something to do. We are interested in hearing from actors, scriptwriters, technicians, and runners seeking experience to help on these future productions.

Contact us for information, or to advise us of your interest.

 Robert A. Welsh on the red carpet at the 2015 Cannes Film Festival

Robert A Welsh on the red carpet at the 2015 'Cannes Film Festival

Carmilla Corporation Pictures

We started producing short films in 1998, and have been busy on many various projects ever since.

Our films are:

(d - RW as director), (sw - RW as scriptwriter), (a - RW as actor), (p - RW as producer), (p2 - RW/RC co-producers), (o - RW in other production credits)

If At First... (1998), (sw) (a) (p) (o)

Shadows: Dream Demons (2002), (d) (sw) (a) (p) (o)

The Scarlet Mantle (2005), (d) (sw) (a) (p) (o)

Al Kalib (2008), (sw) (a) (o)

Hanselle & Gretel (2010), (d) (sw) (a) (p) (o)

Bra-et Al Rouh (2011), (sf) (a) (p) (o)

Shooting The Innocent (2011), (d) (sw) (p2) (o)

Avaritia (2015), (a) (p2) (o)

We also helped with the following productions:

Something In The Way (1993), (a) (o)

Asleep (1993), (a)

Wargames (1993), (a) (o)

The Card (1994), (a)

Gibran's Satan (1995), (a)

Life's A Bitch (1996), (a) (o)

A Day In August (2007), (o)

Robert A. Welsh had a small uncredited role in the Helena Bonham-Carter movie:

Margaret's Museum (1995), (a)

Robert A. Welsh in Theatre

The Vampire, Bride of the Isles (1994), (a) (o)

Puss In Boots (1994), (a) (o)

12 Angry Men (1993), (a)

Anything Goes (1992), (a)

Poster Art for Bra-et Al Rouh

Poster Art for the multi award-winning, 'Bra-et Al Rouh', designed by Robert A. Welsh

Awards and Festivals


1. New Hope Film Festival

2. Woods Hole Film Festival (in competition)

3. Busho, Budapest Short Film Festival (in competition)


1. Cannes Film Festival, Short Film Corner

2. Best Shorts, (Award of Excellence)

3. The IndieFest Film Awards, (Award of Merit, Leading Actor: Robert A. Welsh)


1. Travelling Film Festival, France (Winner:- Prix College au Cinema)


1. Best Shorts, (Award of Merit)

2. The IndieFest Film Awards, (Award of Merit, Leading Actor: Katherine Abuaglain)

3. Artisan Festival International, World Cinema Initiative (Cannes & The Hamptons) (Winner:- Best Film, Winner: Best Actor:- Katherine Abuaglain)

4. Woods Hole Film Festival (Runner Up)

5. Vegas Cine Fest (Runner Up)

6. New Horizon International Film Festival, Tehran

7. Edinburgh International Festival of Middle Eastern Spirituality and Peace

8. Write, Shoot, Cut


1. The Jim Poole Short Film Awards


1. T-In-The-Park Music Festival

Pre 1999

1. The London Film Festival

2. The Manchester Kino Film Festival - 'Best of Celtic Film'

4. The Edinburgh Streetwise Film Festival

Robert A. Welsh: Short Biography

Robert Allan Welsh, 53, has been involved in film-making, theatre and acting for over 25 years. Initially focussed on acting, he has since progressed to screenwriter, director and producer, whilst building up a vast knowledge of film-making skills on many different levels.

He attended the Edinburgh Acting School in the 1990s, where he was singled out to star in various short student films. He also performed on stage in theatre and pantomime, as well as appearing briefly in the 1995 Helena Bonham-Carter movie, ‘Margaret’s Museum’.

His first serious foray into film-making was with the 1998 short film, 'Gibran's Satan', after which he worked closely with the same Director on another film, ‘Life's A Bitch'. This featured Robert in a supporting acting role and allowed him additional experience providing technical assistance on lighting. The film however wasn't successful so Robert scripted a comedy, ‘If At First...’, and suggested a joint production with the Director. Robert set up ‘Carmilla Corporation Pictures' as a self-financed non-profit making venture, and starred in/co-produced the short film to critical acclaim. The film was screened in the 'Best of Celtic Film Festival’ in Manchester alongside a Ewan McGregor award-winning short, as well as in London and Edinburgh. It was also screened at the 1999 ‘T-In-The-Park Music Festival' alongside Mel Gibson's ‘Braveheart’.

After the success of ‘If At First...’ Robert invested in his own equipment and scripted another short film, ‘Shadows’. He set up a team of enthusiastic amateurs and with the help of friends he directed/produced/edited and starred in the short film. The short originally ran for 30 minutes before finally re-editing it down to 15 minutes.

Robert continued to develop his film-making experience and knowledge by scripting and directing/producing/editing a further two projects, ‘The Scarlet Mantle' and ‘Hanselle and Gretel'. These focussed on the horror within children's fairy tales. Working with child actors, filming in difficult weather conditions, and adding horrific twists to the storylines, as well as writing the poems that the stories play out to, these projects proved Robert could deliver complex and visionary storylines on meagre budgets.

A few years after going their separate ways, Robert was contacted by his old friend, who had started working on a personal project, a documentary, and requested Robert’s help with camerawork. This rekindled their partnership and Robert scripted ‘Al Kalib’, which they put into production, with Robert in the lead role. The film was runner-up in the 2008 prestigious ‘Jim Poole Awards' in Edinburgh.

The success of the film promptedthem to work again on a short film, ‘Bra-et Al Rouh' with Robert as Producer and actor. The film was very successful; screening in eight international film festivals, and winning seven awards. These included Best Shorts Award, IndieFEST Film Award, winner of the coveted ‘College Au Cinema’ award in Reinnes, Winner in Cannes Marche Du Film, and runner up in the ‘Las Vegas’ and ‘Woods Hole' film festivals' ‘In Competition’ awards.

Robert followed up the success of ‘Bra-et Al Rouh' by shooting and directing/producing a documentary on the making of the film, ‘Shooting The Innocent', as a companion piece to compliment the film and document the good efforts of all involved.

The success of ‘Bra-et Al Rouh' led to another joint production: ‘Avaritia'. This was a unique, stylised, live-action, stop-motion short starring Robert. Co-Produced along with Rosalynn Campbell, the short film was so complex to act and film that it took two and a half years to complete, but led to an Award of Excellence at the Best Shorts Competition and a world premiere at the 2015 ‘Cannes Film Festival, Short Film Corner'. Robert's acting skills were also recognised with an acting ‘Award of Merit' from the prestigious ‘IndieFEST Film Awards' in California. The film continues to do well in 2016 with screenings at the prestigious Woods Hole Film Festival and the New Hope Film Festival, both in the USA.

Robert has scripted six films to date; two of which were shortlisted for awards - 'Best of Celtic Film' and 'Jim Poole Awards'.

Robert A. Welsh with the Best Shorts 'Award of Excellence' statuette for 'Avaritia'

Robert A. Welsh with the Best Shorts 'Award of Excellence' statuette for 'Avaritia'

Robert A Welsh with his IndieFEST gold statuette, Award of Merit for Leading Actor

Robert A. Welsh with his IndieFEST 'Award of Merit' statuette, awarded for his acting in 'Avaritia', 2015.


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Disclaimer: Although the name 'Carmilla' can be linked to the famous Sheridan LeFanu vampire novella, there is no intentional similarity between these two entities.

Disclaimer: The inclusion of 'Corporation' in our name is not to be considered indicative of a legal entity, but is instead intended to be an appreciative reference to our small group of talented people sharing one vision. We are self financed.


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