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Individuals who have Occupational Therapist jobs, work with unique gear to assist kids with developmental issues. They will take care of individuals with injuries, health problems, or even disabilities with the therapeutic utilization of everyday activity. They assist these individuals develop, recover, and improve the skills required for day to day living and also being employed.


Patients with permanent disabilities, such as cerebral palsy, often need help performing daily tasks. People who have Occupational Therapist jobs in US, typically show patients how to use appropriate adaptive equipment, such as leg or knee braces, wheelchairs, and eating aids. Patients can function independently and control their living environment by using these devices.


Some Occupational Therapist jobs, are in educational settings with children one on one or in small groups. They evaluate disabled children’s abilities, modify classroom equipment to accommodate certain disabilities, and help children participate in school activities. Some Occupational Therapist jobs in US are with local early childhood development programs that provide early intervention therapy to infants and toddlers who have, or are at risk of having, developmental delays.


Therapists who work with the elderly help their patients lead more independent and active lives. They assess the patient’s abilities and environment and make recommendations, such as using adaptive equipment or identifying and removing potential fall hazards in the home.


In some cases, Occupational Therapist jobs, work with individual companies in order to  evaluate the work space, plan work activities, and meet with the management to collaborate on changes which will make an environment more suitable to workers with special needs. Occupational Therapist jobs in US  also may be found in mental health settings where they help patients who suffer from developmental disabilities, mental illness, or emotional problems.


They help these patients cope with and engage in daily life by teaching skills such as time management, budgeting, using public transportation, and doing household chores. Additionally, therapists may work with individuals who have problems with drug abuse, alcoholism, depression, or suffer from other disorders. Some Occupational Therapist jobs, in hospitals or physicians’ offices—work as part of a healthcare team, along with doctors, registered nurses, and other types of therapists. They also may oversee the wrk of occupational therapy assistants and aides.


Occupational Therapist jobs in US , accounted for about 108,800 jobs in 2010. 48% of Occupational Therapist jobs, were in offices of physical, occupational and speech therapists, and audiologist or hospitals. Others are found in schools, nursing homes, and home health services.  The average salary for most Occupational Therapist jobs in US is about $72,320. The number of Occupational Therapist jobs, is expected to increase 33 % from 2010 to 2020.


The need for occupational therapists will increase as the large baby-boom population ages and people remain active later in life. Specifically, occupational therapists help senior citizens maintain their independence by recommending home modifications and strategies that make daily activities easier.


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