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Technical Recruiter Jobs,

Finding Technical Recruiter Jobs in US


Technical Recruiter jobs are gaining in popularity as more and more companies need the expertise of technology workers. They can work within just about every type of industry.  Let's take a look and see if this might be a good fit for you.


Technical Recruiter jobs in US  sometimes be found within a technology company's HR team, or can work even as a freelance position, which is an  great option , but only for experienced technical recruiters, that already have a good reputation.


The majority of Technical Recruiter jobs, will typically pay a percentage of the  salary or hourly pay rate of the employee that they helped hire, or a flat fee, which is usually the case with many freelance technical recruiters.  The success of any Technical Recruiter jobs in US  is going to be closely tied to fluctuations withing the, when companies suffer loss, technical recruiters are usually the first to go.


Many Technical Recruiter jobs,  tend to work closely with staffing agencies and recruiting firms. Developing relationships with human-resource offices at technology companies is key in getting new and repeat business. Making contacts and cultivating relationships is a big part of Technical Recruiter jobs in US; you want companies to turn to you whenever they need a technical employee. 


When you have a position to fill and recruit for, you will need to work with the  company that hired you, to create a job listing and determine the target media were  the ads need to be placed. For many Technical Recruiter jobs, these help-wanted ads are likely to be geared toward specialized career management sites such as


With all Technical Recruiter jobs in US, you'll need to be aware of which media work best for which jobs.    You'll find that networking is a major part of Technical Recruiter jobs. After you have assembled qualified candidates, you'll you will need to screen them and start your list of those you want to interview. Perhaps you'll do phone interviews first, and then arrange for the strongest candidates to be interviewed in person. Some of these interviews may involve your client, the ultimate employer for the candidate.


While having Technical Recruiter jobs in US , doesn't mean you need to be a programmer or engineer, but you must be able to speak the lingo. This is the reason why a human-resources office enlisted your help. Staying up to date on the changing technology is critical to your success with any Technical Recruiter jobs. Technology changes quickly, and staying up to date on the latest innovations, will help you find the qualified employees that match the needs of your client.


John Roos, shares his tips on how you can find and succeed at Technical Recruiter jobs, Technical Recruiter jobs in US.  John's advice has helped thousands of job seekers around the globe, find success with the job of dreams. 


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