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Software Architect Jobs

Listed as the Number 1 job in America, by CNN Money Magazine, Software Architect Jobs are not only one of the highest-paid in the country, they are reported to be the most enjoyed by the people who pursue this field.  We'll take a look at what makes this career rank so high and find out if it could be right for you.


Software architect jobs are part of the information technology profession. These professionals are responsible for presenting design options to software developers, which includes yet not confined to: platforms, coding as well as technological levels. Their objective is usually to acquire a comprehensive understanding of their clients’ requirements along with effectively communicating to them to the software design crew. Individuals with Software architect jobs manage each of the software development tasks involving his company or customer. Managing the development group, they oversee the complete process, tracking research, critiquing codes as well as supervising all diagnostic tests.

Additionally, Software architect jobs ensure that all development methods will be in compliance with their employer’s guidelines, policies and procedures. Keeping track of as well as maintaining all records data and metric, they report the project's development to upper management.  Software architect jobs are also offered in classified ads as well as computer magazines. You will also find them listed at,


Software architect jobs require individuals that excel at both working on their own as well as inside a team environment. Assessing and resolving issues are also essential elements to their achievement. Maintaining current familiarity with all technological innovations is necessary. He or she must at the same time must be a very good communicator, capable of clarify their work in simple words to customers and superiors.


Software architect jobs do not required a four-year degrees.  However, many employers prefer to hire college grads. Quite a few industry experts in this area choose to take either classes or perhaps a formalized program provided by junior colleges and universities. Soon after successful completion of a formal program, graduate students obtain either a diploma or degree. An applicant that does opt to go after their bachelor’s degree usually majors in computer science, management information systems or a associated area of study. Due to the fact technology is frequently evolving, people that have Software architect jobs are motivated to keep up with the ever evolving technologies.

According to The Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2011, the average Software architect jobs earned $100,000 annually. This is definitely an extremely fantastic field to be in, given that the Bureau of Labor Statistics expects employment to increase by 38% through 2016.


Software architect jobs are creatively demanding, and engineers with good communication skills are freed from their desks. Earnings are usually greater than for computer programmers, plus a normal day offers much more variety.  All in all, if you have the skills and the drive, this is an amazing career field, that shows a tremendous potential for growth.


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