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Trying to find a full time position when you are still in school is just about impossible. I will show you how to conduct an effective, efficient search for Physician Jobs, specifically Physician Jobs in the US.  Here are my top tips to get your next job, quickly and without the issues, that normally come with any job search.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics,
Physician Jobs in the US are expected to grow by 24 percent from 2010 to 2020, faster than the average for all occupations. Job growth will happen due to the ongoing growth of healthcare-related industries. A growing and aging human population is expected to generate overall growth in the need in Physician services as individuals continue to seek out superior levels of care that uses the latest technologies, diagnostic tests, and therapies.


Many medical schools are increasing their enrollments based on perceived higher demand for physicians. Physician Jobs in the US held accounted for 691,000 jobs in 2010. Many of them work in private offices or clinics, often helped by a small staff of nurses and administrative personnel.

Increasingly, you will find
Physician jobs at group practices, health care organizations, or hospitals where they share a large number of patients with other Physician. The group setting gives Physicians backup coverage, allows them more time off, and lets them coordinate care for their patients, but it gives them less independence than solo practitioners have. However, Physician Jobs in the US such as Surgeons and anesthesiologists usually work in sterile environments while performing surgery and may stand for long periods.

Although the demand for Physician Jobs, should continue, some factors will likely reduce growth. New technologies will allow physicians to treat more patients in the same amount of time, thereby reducing the number of Physician Jobs in the US, because they won't be needed to complete the same tasks. 


Physician assistants and nurse practitioners (a type of registered nurse) can do many of the routine duties of physicians and may increasingly be used to reduce costs at hospitals and outpatient care facilities.  The best resource available to any Physician is  There you will not only be able to search effortlessly, you can manage your career as well.

Physician Jobs prospects are good for physicians who are willing to practice in rural and low-income areas, because these areas tend to have difficulty attracting physicians. Job prospects also should be good for physicians in specialties dealing with health issues that largely affect aging baby boomers. For example, physicians specializing in cardiology and radiology will be needed because the risks for heart disease and cancer increase as people age.

Physician Jobs in the US are among the highest of all occupations. According to the Medical Group Management Association's Physician Compensation and Production Survey, earnings vary with the physician’s or surgeon’s number of years in practice, geographic region of practice, hours worked, skill, personality, and professional reputation. Typically, you can expect to make well over $200,000.


John Roos talks about where you can find Physician Jobs, particularly, Physician Jobs in the US, as well as what you can expect to make. John shares his top tips for conducting a successful search that will get you the results you need. His tried and true methods have helps thousands of job seekers worldwide, find and keep the job they really want.


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