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Interviewers are the matchmakers of the employment world. They match lonely job seekers with a perfect position, and match employers with qualified workers.  Some Interviewer jobs in US, may be with private employment agencies, some for state government employment. They can be the difference between success or failure for their company.  Let's find out if this could be a "perfect match" for you.


There has been a terrible trend of Employers going to private agencies to search for workers to fill specific jobs. The Job seekers then go to the to agencies on their own or in response to classified ads that agencies place to advertise specific jobs. The problem with this, the people doing the interviews, can't possibly understand the true needs of the company.  The result is a high turn over rate and wasted money for the company.  Smart companies are discovering that if they offer  Interviewer jobs, they can get the employees they really need.  But sadly, not may companies are seeing the benefits of having a trained interviewer working in house.  This can make your job search a little tricky and we'll cover how to find the jobs, later on.


 Interviewer jobs in US are responsible to recruit, screen, interview, and place workers. They also may handle human resources work in a variety of other areas, such as employee relations, payroll and benefits, and training. Although Interviewer jobs, are found within nearly every industry, many are concentrated in employment services, working for staffing and human resources firms. Some travel extensively to attend job fairs, visit college campuses, and meet with applicants. Most work full time.


Most Interviewer jobs in US  do not require a bachelor’s degree, a high school diploma is sufficient,  but for some,Interviewer jobs, employers prefer or require applicants who have a bachelor’s degree, some may accept related work experience as a substitute for education. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the majority of  Interviewer jobs in US  had a salary of $40.000. Interviewer jobs, are expected to become more widespread with a predicted growth of  21% until2020. Job opportunities should be good overall, especially in the employment services industry.


Many people who have Interviewer jobs in US have been trained in all human resources disciplines and will do tasks throughout all areas of the department. In addition to recruiting and placing workers, Interviewer jobs,  help guide  and train other employees through all human resources procedures and answer questions about policies Interviewer jobs in US can be found by applying directly to the agencies or by checking with, which would be your best place to start.


You will be required to take Civil service examinations  for jobs Interviewer jobs, with government employment services. Apply to take the necessary test for federal, state, and local government to get these kind of  Interviewer jobs in US. According to the 2002–12 employment projections by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 195,000 Americans held Interviewer jobs, in 2012.   You just have to look carefully to find them.


John Roos ,  shares his best advice on  Interviewer jobs in US.  How you can find and get into these positions.  John's advice has helped thousands of job seekers, find and keep their dream jobs. 


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