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Healthcare Jobs in US,

Top 7 Medical Jobs in US

With modern society so focused on preventing disease, illness, and injury as well as our fight to diagnose and treat them and as even our youngest baby boomers grow closer to age 50, the need to employ qualified healthcare personnel intensifies. There are a wide range of Healthcare Jobs in US.  Here is my list of the top 7 absolutely best jobs available.


The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that we not only need to retain those workers that already have  Medical Jobs in US, but  a substantial number of new ones need to be added, with the most occupational growth expected among Healthcare Jobs in US .  After you finish reading this list, head over to to see the available positions in your area.


Topping my Top 7 list of the Best Medical Jobs in US are Dentists. They make their living diagnosing and treating our teeth and gums, and counseling us on how to maintain good oral health. This profession is expected to see 21% percent growth up to the year 2020.


Next on my Top 7 list of the Best Healthcare Jobs in US, are Registered Nurses. Nursing is an indispensable profession in healthcare; one where workers are almost always needed. This year is no different, as the BLS anticipates 26% employment growth in this field between now and 2020.


Coming in at number 3 my Top 7 list of the Best Medical Jobs in US are Pharmacists.  They combine technical, organizational, and people skills in a customer-service environment. Each day, more than 274,900 pharmacists dispense medicine and advice to patients at hospitals and retail chains. Their profession is expected to grow 25% by 2020.


No list of the best Healthcare Jobs in US would be complete without Doctors. Doctors are the rock-stars of healthcare—it's their responsibility to diagnose and treat patients, and instruct on proper diet, hygiene, and disease prevention. And like other jobs in this industry, Doctors will see abundant job growth to 2020.


Coming in at number 5, on my Top 7 list of the Best Medical Jobs in US, are physical therapists. A physical therapist's job description might include helping paralytic regain mobility or assisting a cancer survivor renews his or her strength. The profession is expected to grow 39% by 2020.


This next one on my list of the best Healthcare Jobs in US, are dental hygienists. In addition to cleaning teeth, dental hygienists educate patients on proper oral hygiene. You might also want to know that they make yearly salaries of about $68,250, and most work part-time.


Coming in at No7 on my Best Healthcare Jobs in US,  are believe it or not veterinarians. They're basically animal doctors, but they're also so much more: They protect food supply by inspecting livestock, they promote public health by fighting animal-borne diseases, and they help educate people on how to have a healthy relationship with animals. Given the advancements in this field, expect a 36% employment jump between now and 2020.


John Roos, Career Guru, shares his Top 7 list of the Best Medical Jobs in US. John's advice has helped thousands of jobs seekers worldwide not only find the jobs they are best suited for, but has helped them keep and succeed. 


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