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Design Architect jobs in US

Design Architect jobs are available for highly trained individuals, and much sought after by those with artistic abilities. Companies like to see individuals that truly understand design and construction aspects of building. Let's take a look and see if you can make dream go from paper to reality.


Design Architect jobs in US is perfect for talented and licensed professionals looking for more creativity in their field. A bachelor's degree in architecture is usually required plus three years minimum of on-the-job training. Design Architect jobs for Interns will assist in research, prepare architectural documents and drawings, and build models.


To be certified, the Architect Registration Examination is required once training is completed. Each state has its own licensing regulations that apply to those with Design Architect jobs in US. Architects plan and design private residences, office buildings, factories, highways, theaters and other public buildings. Design Architect jobs may be specialized in a single types of building, like hospitals or schools. Designers are only limited by their imagination.


Others may break out of the design elements and focus on the planning or construction management phases. The design aspect of any building project is the initial stage of planning, coming after extensive research into the client's needs. Many Design Architect jobs in US, will require the Architects create the exterior and interior appearance of a structure, making sure it is functional, safe, fits within the budget and location, and works for the people who will utilize the space.


According to the federal Occupational Outlook Handbook, most Design Architect jobs in US work in comfortable conditions. They spend time in the office speaking with clients, designing, drawing, researching and on- site reviewing construction progress. Many Design Architect jobs are looking for Architects that are trained in both the art and engineering of building design.


They will develop plans that construction crews follow in building homes, offices, schools, hospitals and many other structures. Design architects focus on the artistic aspects of a project and create the design drawings for a building. Other members of the architectural team then work on the construction schematics. Like all architects, design architects must be licensed and receive proper training in the field before they are able to work on their own. Find out more at


Because their role in most projects is limited to the design phase, Design Architect jobs in US will not require travel to construction sites. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), approximately 1 in 5 architects worked more than 50 hours a week in 2008, so design architects must often put in long hours, including working nights and weekends.


They also report that most Design Architect jobs pay around $36,102 to $48,075.  Although, some Design Architect jobs in US with more than 20 years of experience can earn as much as $97,947. As the population grows older, there will be a demand for new homes, offices, schools, nursing homes and retirement communities which will mean more Design Architect jobs.


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