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Today, with most industries turning to technology, there is and increasing demand for highly skilled professionals who have the skills and the understanding to create the tools, companies need.  One of these skilled positions are CNC Machinist jobs. Let's take a look and find out what they do and what you can do to succeed in this field.


Because many tool and die makers use computer-aided design (CAD) to develop products and parts there is an ever increasing demand for skilled professionals who understand the not only the software, but the tools they designing and making.  People with CNC Machinist jobs in US are responsible for specifications entered into computer programs can be used to electronically develop blueprints for the required tools and dies.


Computer numeric control programmers use CAD and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) programs to convert electronic drawings into CAM-based computer programs that contain instructions for a sequence of cutting tool operations. Once these programs are developed, people with CNC Machinist jobs, will use CNC machines follow the set of instructions contained in the program to produce the part.


Even though, people with CNC Machinist jobs in US normally operate CNC machines, sometimes tool and die makers are trained to both operate CNC machines and write CNC programs, and they may do either task.


CNC Machinist jobs may be responsible for setting up and operating a variety of computer-controlled or mechanically-controlled machine tools to produce precision metal parts, instruments, and tools. CNC Machinist jobs in US may produce large quantities of one part, precision machinists often produce small batches or one-of-a-kind items. The parts that machinists make range from simple bolts of steel or brass to titanium bone screws for orthopedic implants. Hydraulic parts, anti-lock brakes and automobile pistons are other widely known products that machinists make.


CNC Machinist jobs may further be classified by specialty. CNC Machinist jobs in US  accounted for about 438,100 jobs in 2010. There are many different ways to become qualified for CNC Machinist jobs, formal apprenticeship programs, typically sponsored by a union or manufacturer, are an excellent way to get CNC Machinist jobs, but they are often hard to get into. 


Machinists and tool and die makers must have good computer skills to work with CAD/CAM technology, CNC machine tools, and computerized measuring machines, to even be considered for CNC Machinist jobs in US . Typically, most CNC Machinist jobs, pay around $18-28 per hour.


Employers are expected to continue to fill CNC Machinist jobs, with machinists who have a wide range of skills and are capable of performing modern production techniques and almost any task in a machine shop. As manufacturers will continue to rely heavily on skilled machinists as they invest in new equipment.


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