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As our population ages, more and more will need assistant to complete daily tasks. With medical advancements more and more people who previously could not live on their own, can today with the help of individuals who can assist them with not only medical care at home but with daily tasks.  Let's take a look at Caregiver jobs, and see what they entail and how you can get into the exploding industry.


Caregiver jobs in US can be listed as any number things.  You may see them listed as Personal care aid, Home Health Aide, Home Companion or many others.  Any of these types of Caregiver jobs, can assist sufferers and survivors of chronic diseases, physical disabilities, and mental ailments—many of which are elderly—by helping them eat their meals, dress in the mornings, and going about their daily tasks throughout the day.


Without Caregiver jobs in US, many of these people would lack help with the basic necessities needed to survive. Because of this, compassion behooves anyone interested in this line of work.   There are a wide range of skills you must have for any Caregiver jobs, you have to have a strong interest in caring for others and an ability to be very patient and understanding.


Caregiver jobs in US can be found in various environments that range from a patient’s home to small residential facilities (or group homes) and large-scale care communities. Some Caregiver jobs may require some medical-related tasks.  Those positions will usually require some sort of certification or licensing.  To check and see what positions are available in your area, go to


The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts employment growth of about 70% between 2010 and 2020 for this profession. This expedited growth is attributed to an aging baby boomer population that relies on in-home assistance and companionship. There should be more than 600,000 new Caregiver jobs in US by 2020.  


According to the BLS, Caregiver jobs paid about $19,730 in 2011, or approximately $9.49 per hour. The best-paid earned about $26,590, while the lowest-paid earned $16,240 in 2011. Some of the highest-compensated Caregiver jobs in US are found in psychiatric and substance abuse hospitals.


Many Caregiver jobs, are given on the job training, by nurses, other aides, and supervisors who offer instruction on how to cook for clients with dietary restrictions, adhere to safety techniques, and respond to emergencies. Some Caregiver jobs in US require more standardized training, which is acquirable through community colleges, vocational schools, elder care programs, and home health care agencies.


Formal training is strongly encouraged for anyone interested in using Caregiver jobs as a springboard to a more advanced position. Detailed-oriented workers with physical stamina and strong interpersonal and time-management skills are the most likely to succeed at Caregiver jobs in US.


Due to low-paying salaries, Caregiver jobs, see fairly high turnover. So, it’s good to call an agency and see if they are hiring and see if they offer an initial training for workers.


John Roos, Career Guru, shares his top tips for Caregiver jobs in US.  What you can do to get into the field, what you can expect to be doing and making.  John's career advice has helped thousands of job seekers, find and succeed with careers they love.


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